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11 Ways to deal with negative colleagues and clients


All of us have negative people around us; it can be a friend, a family member or a coworker. And you will be well aware that how they can ruin your time the particular day or can affect your positive energy. They always keep on complaining about the things rather than finding the solution or working on the solutions. They keep on talking about the things that would cause stress only.

However, no doubt that you cannot change their thinking and behavior but there are the ways by which you can handle the negative people effectively. This will not only protect you from the stress and tension but it would be easy for you to focus on your work. In this write-up, we are going to tell you the highly effective ways of dealing with the negative colleagues and clients.

1. Recognize the negative people around you

The first thing that you should do to deal with the pessimistic people is recognizing them. If you feel that a particular person always talks about the bad, complains about the things, makes you feel discouraged or constricted and leads to any other negative feeling, it means he has negative thoughts.

2. Limit your interaction with them

Even after knowing that the person is too negative, you cannot have control over their behavior. Though you can try to change their behavior into a positive one, it will only work if that person would act accordingly. And this is possible in just a few cases. So, rather than worrying about the negative thinking of the person that you have no control over, it would better to set boundaries for you and limit your interaction with him/her.

3. Try to stay away from them

Though it may not be possible completely, you can try to maintain a physical distance from them. However, there may be the cases when you would need to work with them and in those situations, you cannot keep the distance. Better it would be if you don’t get involved in their negative conversations and this can be easily done by just ignoring or not showing any sympathy for the negativity.

4. Set goals and focus on them

You are likely to get distracted with the negative energy and this would consume a lot of your energy and time. To make best of your efforts, you should set your goals for daily work and should focus on achieving them. This will not only help you do best at your job but you will also get some positivity that you have done something good.

5. Don’t get involved in the politics

Politics are a part of almost every organization but it not only ruins your time but also affects your relationship with the different members of your organization. So, remain away from the politics. If a negative person tries to draw your attention towards such matter or gossips about a common supervisor, you can simply say- “Let me stay away from these matters, I am not interested in getting involved”.

6. Don’t waste your energy to analyze their behavior

When you listen to a number of stories from a negative person, you are likely to analyze their behavior that why he behaves in such a way, what makes him take the things negatively and more. Always remember that you are going to waste your time only by doing so. Though it is little hard, try not to analyze.

7. Spend time with those who have positive attitude

It is the best way of keeping negative people and negative energy at bay. When you spend time with the positive people, you feel happy, upbeat and encouraged in the workplace. It not only lets you spread positive energy but you are more likely to do better at your work.

8. Don’t bond with negative person

Never ever try to have bonding with a negative person. Even if you think that you will change his thinking, remember that it depends on him, not you. So, rather than surrounding yourself with the negative energy and facing issues at later, avoid bonding with the negative person. Never join them on a negative issue because once you do it they will see you as a partner in distress.

9. Use your positive vibes to neutralize their negative energy

Though you would be trying to keep the distance from the negative people, practically you may need to interact with them. In such situations, rather than getting involved in their negativity, try to impress them and neutralize their negative thoughts with your positive vibes. It is the best way to be on the safe side.

10. Ask them to tell you something positive

The negative people always talk about the negative things; once in a blue moon they can share something positive and that’s too by mistake. So, when a negative person near you finishes with his regular negative story, simply say to him- “Tell me something positive now”. This will not only let you keep the negativity at bay but will also let the another person realize that how negative he has become. This may realize him the need of getting positive.

11. Be strong

Dealing with the negative people is not that much easy; you need to be strong to do all the things mentioned above. So, always be strong and don’t ever let the negative people ruin your energy. Whenever you feel that they are going to cause your stress or any other negative feeling, try to leave and join someone who has positive nature.

If you are supporting a negative person thinking that he will change, you are wrong. Always remember that neither the work culture nor another person would change because of you. So, it would be better to change yourself first and make efforts to remain positive all the day.

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Caroline Allison is a Professional Realtor with more than 16 years of experience in the field. She is a very hard worker, a constant communicator, and a strategic problem solver. She has a great skill-set for scoring good deals in real estate and utilising them to help homeowners to resolve their real estate related problems.

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