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Demanding schedule? Here are 5 methods to stay motivated


Even if you have an incredible work ethic and consider yourself anything but lazy, staying motivated and productive during a hectic schedule can often be difficult. Especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to build a successful business, it can be hard to understand when to stop and how best to tackle periods of sluggishness.

Here are 5 methods to ensure you stay motivated.

  1. Take regular breaks

The solution to a demanding work schedule isn’t to keep working until it’s all done. Taking regular breaks might seem counter-productive when you feel as though you are drowning in work, but regular breaks are important to recharge your mind and take a step back to re-evaluate. Even if these breaks are 5 or 10 minutes every hour to browse your phone or play on an app, it can help you to re-focus on your work.

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  1. Maintain a work-life balance

One of the best ways to feel more motivated towards your work is to ensure you get an equal amount of downtime, too. If you have no idea how to start doing this, then business specialist media like Forbes can help you improve your work-life balance with their handy tips and guidance. You don’t want to build resentment toward your career by neglecting your social life and personal time, as this will only result in you viewing your work negatively instead of positively.

Work hard at what you do, but also allow yourself free time to spend alone or with loved ones, doing whatever you enjoy.

  1. Decide on a set finishing time

Especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers, a finishing time can often be non-existent. When working for yourself to build or maintain a business, it’s always tempting to work as many hours as possible. It’s also common to feel guilty when you are not working, as every hour spent on your business can often mean making more money.

However, this, unfortunately, means you can overwork yourself and limit the free time you deserve. By deciding on a reasonable finishing time every day, you know when to stop and also know which time frame you’re aiming for to get your daily workload completed.

  1. Plan clear goals and deadlines

You will work more productively if you know exactly what it is you’re working towards. According to the University of Notre Dame, without clearly defined goals, or certain deadlines, it’s often to either get carried away with your workload or become unclear about what you are doing – and confusion and lack of organization only leads to lack of productivity.

  1. Reward yourself

You work hard, so you should acknowledge that by treating yourself from time to time. A reward can be whatever you need it to be, whether it’s an extra day off, a vacation, a meal out, or a new outfit. If you are dedicated to working to the best of your ability, then you should reward yourself for your achievements. Furthermore, when you see the positive results of your hard work, you’re more likely to continue working that way.

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Carol Lucas is a business coach and mentor who focuses on a wholistic approach to work-life balance.

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