Dental marketing strategies dentists can use to boost business


This guide outlines the dental marketing tactics that any dentistry business can easily put in place.

Dentists always know what they are doing around teeth and they are pretty great at it. But what they do not know is that they need to promote their business right by adopting the right dental marketing strategies. Today, no matter in which business you are, digital marketing is the need of the hour. The entire landscape of digital marketing revolves around various tactics and tools, which include email marketing campaigns, PPC ads or even social media. 

So, knowing how to leverage dental marketing for the growth of one’s dental practice should not be difficult. Since digital marketing can bring a lot of opportunities and possibilities, it can be used to optimize one’s social media presence as well. 

Strategies for dental marketing

Today, you don’t need to rely on traditional marketing methods like direct phone calls or direct emails or even physical referrals. The new-age strategies like website design optimization or social media advertisements can help you thrive through the competition. Here are some latest dental marketing tips to boost your business:

Create blogs on your dental website

Blogging is an important part of a content strategy for dental marketing. Putting high-quality informative dental blogs on your website will not just improve its ranking but will also drive organic traffic to the official page. Regularly publishing blog posts about dental care and tips will demonstrate your authority as a trusted dentist and will also help people with the right information about their dental health and your facility, which will eventually lead to conversions.

Leverage online reviews from your existing patients

Reviews are a big crowd-puller if you can use them wisely. For effective dental marketing, go about gathering online reviews and testimonials from the patients who have already visited your facility. Encourage your patients to write reviews about your clinic on the social media handles as they have a better reach from there.

Highlight all the positive reviews and make them visible to your future patients. Today, people always enquire online before availing of any service. So, make the most of your reviews. In case there are any negative comments, try working on them with a positive approach with an assurance of better customer service going forward.

List your clinic on Google Business Profile

To expand your dental marketing reach, you must be visible to your patrons on the web. So, the best way is to get your dental clinic registered on the Google Business Profile. This was formerly known as Google My Business and it is used by businesses to increase their online visibility in their geographical areas.

If patients will be looking for local dentists around your area, you will be easily visible to them. Your business will be published on the web along with a Google Map indicating your location, your phone number, your website and other important contact details.

Build your online presence with social media

For a strong online presence for dental marketing, you need to start networking more not just with your potential and existing patients but with your competitors as well. Maintain an account on LinkedIn, and cultivate social relationships with other fellow professionals in the industry. You can also use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to communicate special offers, deals and membership plans.

All of this will help you streamline the lead generation process. As a result, you will be easily able to identify the best leads and engage with them.

Reach the target audience with email marketing

To keep your facility on the top of everyone’s mind, try to be consistent with your dental marketing approach. You can send personalized emails to your patients. You can also consider sending out a newsletter, friendly appointment reminders or seasonal greetings as part of your marketing campaigns.

Using this, you will be able to strengthen your relationship with your existing patients, which can further help you get more new patients due to your effective communication practices.

Keep a mobile-friendly website

There are many websites that can be a bit unsightly when opened using a smartphone. They might feature some unreadable texts or loud fonts. Some other issues can also crop up while trying to navigate more. These problems can be easily fixed with a responsive web design that makes your website easily accessible on multiple devices.

Since more than half of the population is using mobile phones to be online, responsive web designs are going to make a very positive impact on your dental marketing. This will make your dental business accessible anywhere, anytime.

Offer special deals or offers to new customers

It is imperative to keep up with your existing customers and also attract new patients to your facility by providing them with interesting discounts and offers. Your promotional strategies can include complimentary consultations with the orthodontist or slashed pricing for teeth whitening procedures. In-house dental membership plans for different budgets is another great dental marketing strategy to attract patients to your facility. Such special deals and packages will help your facility to stand out.


You can easily make your dental unit shine with the help of the above-listed strategies. All you need to do is just plan them right and target the correct demographics for better reach.

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