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Dental practice business strategies: 6 + 1 success tactics


This guide outlines six (plus one) strategies for success in the dental practice field, to help you stand out from the competition.

Having a successful dental practice should primarily be about being a great dentist, but unfortunately it is not enough in the current competitive market. Being a great dentist is imperative to the success of a dental practice, but there are other components needed to run a successful practice.

There is no shortage of dental practices out there which means competition is stiff, and in today’s world, you can be one bad Google review away from being patient-less. A successful dental practice addresses the needs of its current patients while also remaining inviting to new patients.

6 strategies for dental practice success

Some key strategies can help you keep your patients happy and your dental practice successful; here are the top 6:

Tip #1: Treat Your Staff Well

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. New patients are very impressionable, and a dental team that is not cordial will be memorialized in their brain. Successful dental practices always put their best foot forward, and that starts with their team.

Having a staff that is friendly and communicative is not only great for the dental practice but also the patient. Even the most basic teeth cleaning will take thirty minutes. This is thirty minutes of which the patient is forced to watch your interaction with your staff. Patients can be extremely perceptive. A dentist that is engaged and friendly with their staff will leave a good impression.

Tip #2: Create a Happy Office Culture

Having a “happy” office culture is necessary to leave a good impression on new patients and encourage current patients to stay. Communicate with your staff that you want the office culture to be uplifting and positive. Making a smile and greeting common courtesy in your dental practice can go a long way for patients, after all; no one really wants to be at the dentist.

Facilitating a happy environment is also about providing the best patient care. The most successful dental practice will have a light, uplifting air that helps mitigate the dread of a dental appointment. Communicating this attitude that you want the office to emit will be the best way to inspire positive work culture.

A happy work culture should also extend to the physical environment of your dental practice. You want the decor and environment to reflect the office’s brightness. Choosing light colors with simple decorations will also help your practice appear bigger and more professional.

Creating this environment will take some trial and error alongside a lot of active communication but it will greatly improve the perception of your dental practice. In addition, employees that are engaged and happy will reflect this in their work. Patients can feel the difference!

Tip #3: Have a Great Online Personality

Many patients are heavily reliant on the Internet to find their next health care provider, so make sure you have your best foot forward. Ensure that there is (heavily) positive feedback on website reviews (i.e., Google, Yelp, etc.) regarding your practice. A great way to develop a positive online personality is through creating a website.

Dental clinics that are not well acquainted with website design can seek out professional dental website design by the Having a positive online presence is imperative to attracting new patients. When was the last time you didn’t Yelp or Google a restaurant?

People are very easily swayed by internet opinion, so ensure the Internet like you. In regards to negative reviews, remember to address the patient professionally. Getting upset online will forever memorialize your unprofessionalism, and you do not want that.

Tip #4: Integrate User-Friendly Options

There are many app options for medical professionals (i.e., Health Cloud and Simple Practice) that are designed with patients in mind. Remember, you want to provide the best experience possible for your dental practice patients. These apps can allow current patients to make their appointment from their phone and reschedule without calling personally. People are becoming increasingly busier every day.

Having a user-friendly option such as self-appointment on their phone can be why your current patients will stay with you over choosing another practitioner. Your office can further expand user-friendliness by automating billing onto the app so patients can also pay from their phones. You want to streamline the patient’s experience.

Tip #5: Offer Financing Options

Dental care can be expensive, and as a great dentist, you do not want cost to be why patients are not getting proper care. Consider offering a flexible dental plan. Many medical providers use CareCredit, a healthcare financing company that allows their patients to pay off their treatments with 0% interest. Lower-income patients will be happy to know there is a financing option for your service.

Tip #6: Be Engaging

Besides providing quality dental care, the most important part of being a dental practice is engaging and listening to your patients. Make sure they know you care, and your practice will always be successful!

Bottom line (+1)

Nobody ever goes to a dental practice as a preferred way to spend their spare time, so by making the experience as pleasant, care-focused, convenient and and seamless as possible, you will stand out as a favoured dental practice with your clients. And this brings us to the ‘+1’ strategy.

The greatest marketing tool for success is word of mouth. We touched on this in the website design and online review strategies, but never overlook the personal word of mouth from your clients to their family and friends. Having your clients tell everybody “I know a great dental practice” is your goal — and your reward.

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