Digital marketing tactics that are simple and effective


This guide outlines the most effective and simple digital marketing tactics to boost your brand profile and sales.

Most effective digital marketing tactics

Digital marketing is key to business success –  75% of marketers say an effective digital marketing strategy has helped them boost their brand’s trust and credibility, while 86% say they’ve used one or more digital marketing channels to increase brand awareness.
That said, the latest digital marketing trends are continually evolving, and you need to stay ahead of the curve to stand out to customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Fortunately, by working to implement the latest digital marketing tactics into your strategy, startups and established brands alike can attract customers and boost sales.

Prioritize mobile-first marketing

A mobile-first marketing strategy is key to business success – 95% of people in the United States own a smartphone, and they also spend over 3.5 hours every day on these devices. By ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, you can better capture and convert swathes of potential customers glued to their smartphones.
In fact, according to a recent Google survey, 60% of smartphone users have purchased from a business directly from search engine results pages (SERPs). The ability to browse and make purchases on their smartphones is also important for 59% of customers, while 58% say they prefer brands with mobile sites and apps that remember their past online history and behavior.
A responsive, mobile-friendly website design, in particular, is a must for reaching on-the-go customers and providing them with the fast and personalized service they expect; these designs load fast and look great on all resolutions and screen sizes.
Additionally, it’s just as important to make your design as minimal as possible. That means including plenty of white space and a clear call to action. A cluttered, text-heavy site can be overwhelming for visitors, and make them leave your site prematurely. Similarly, you should also incorporate this same consistent, minimal approach across all aspects of your marketing strategy, from your website through to your emails, social media content, and blog posts.
Videos are another key component in a mobile-first strategy. American smartphone users spend at least 30 minutes watching videos every day while users around the world are 1.5 times more likely to watch your video ads on their smartphones. Videos are a particularly effective marketing tool as they keep viewers engaged for far longer than simple text can alone. You can use a blend of audio, video, and text content to appeal to different user segments and platforms.

Opt for pay-per-click (PPC) ads 

PPC ads are an effective online advertising method that ensures your website shows up in the search engine results when customers type certain keywords into Google. It’s also one of the most affordable digital marketing tactics – you only pay for an ad if it successfully results in a customer clicking through to your site.
In fact, PPC ads generate double the amount of visitors than SEO does. They can also boost brand awareness by as much as 80%. Google Ads, in particular, is an effective type of PPC ad, which can drive leads and sales. A successful Google Ads campaign requires you to reach your ideal audience with the right keywords, in particular.
Your first step therefore needs to be deciding on the right keywords. So, put yourself into your customer’s shoes and think about the search terms they use to find your business. Begin with broader search terms, before narrowing them down into something with greater specificity to ensure you reach your target audience.
For example, if your business sells high-end shoes, you can narrow your keywords down to “black leather loafers”. While you may not attract customers who’re shopping for any type of shoe, you’ll certainly catch the attention of those who have this exact style in mind. These customers will also be more inclined to buy from you if your ad takes them to a landing page with black leather loafers, which means the ad offers a worthy return on investment.
Moreover, Google Ads also lets you use negative keywords to further help prevent unnecessary expense. Negative keywords essentially let Google know which keywords you don’t want to cause your ad to display for. So, for example, you can use keywords like “black leather loafers”, and not “chunky loafers”.
If your business provides a service or has a physical location, it’s also important to ensure your keywords remain local to ensure you reach your target customers in close physical proximity.  This way, you also won’t end up wasting money by reaching people in broader searchers who simply can’t visit you because they’re too far away.
So, for example, if you own an amusement park in Rochester, your keywords may include “amusement park Rochester”, “amusement park New York”, or “fun things to do New York”. And, you can also use radius targeting to ensure your ad displays to people near a certain location, such as, 30 miles around Rochester.
PPC is a highly effective marketing strategy. Your competitors likely use it to reach potential customers. Hiring a PPC expert can optimize your campaigns for improved performance and lower costs. If you require assistance implementing PPC in your business, consider hiring a consultant.

A PPC consultant offers valuable knowledge and experience to maximize your online advertising budget, enhance visibility, and meet your marketing goals. Whether you aim to boost website traffic, increase sales, or generate leads, a PPC consultant is an invaluable asset to your digital marketing efforts, as you can see here.

Offer customers a personalized experience

Personalization is another key marketing strategy. Customers who enjoy a personalized shopping experience curated to their unique needs are more likely to take the next step and make a purchase. More than that, a personalized experience also increases the likelihood of customers returning for repeat purchases.
Over 65% of customers actually expect brands to understand their individual needs and expectations, while 68% expect businesses to display empathy, Forbes reports. Fortunately, there are a number of simple yet effective digital marketing tactics you can use to create a tailored experience for each customer. For example, personalized emails can be created by including images and details of items customers have purchased previously. Voiceovers can also help to make a marketing message feel more personalized, as people associate a voice, even in video, with a conversation.
You can also segment your email list based on key info, including purchase history, purchase time, browsing history, and location. If a customer has abandoned their cart, for example, send them a personalized email to win them back. Such personalized details can help win customer trust and loyalty over time.


An effective digital marketing strategy is a must for business success. By prioritizing mobile-first marketing, opting for PPC ads, and offering customers a personalized experience, you’ll boost leads and sales in no time.

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