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Do I need a financial adviser?


Only about 20% of people have a financial advisor or have sought professional financial advice, meaning at the moment, 80% have yet to see the need to visit a planner. So, do you need to see an adviser?  How about I give you five good reasons why it might just be a really good idea!

1. An adviser’s job is to dig deep

They find out where you’re currently at, and what you want to achieve.  They help you articulate your goals.  I know, I can hear you – and sure, you can probably do it on your own. But, just putting it out there… have you?  Do you know how much you need in retirement?  As a lump sum?  As an annual income?  Do you have the best protection in place should the unexpected occur?  Do you have debt that you want to get a handle on?  Are your goals written down clearly with a plan of attack?  We know that we are usually better off when we share our goals and have someone to be accountable to.  Someone who’ll kick our butts until we achieve them. This is where a financial adviser can be invaluable!

2. An advisers’ role is all about strategy

They’re to help you make the best of your current situation, while still looking ahead for the future.  Most of us have a tendency to live beyond our means and scramble those last few days before the next pay check come in.  You always promise that as soon as there’s something left over, you’ll start saving, even investing!  An adviser can introduce strategies like salary sacrifice, salary packaging, tax minimization, protection planning and regular investment savings plans.

3. How about you view your adviser as a coach if you’re still not convinced?

Advisers assist you to understand where you’re at, what’s ahead and be way more in control of your financial situation.  You’ll be reassured that you have a plan and someone to help keep you on track.  We’re the Personal Trainer of your money and you’ll be able to see clearly that you’re making gains and kicking goals at each review!

4. Mistakes are a part of life

We’ve all failed, but as we know, it’s how quickly we get up and recover that can count.  Unfortunately, some of us have learned the hard way, that errors can be pretty costly.   Having the option to run business and investment ideas by an expert who knows their stuff has the potential to save you thousands in expensive mistakes!

5. Most advisers also understand protection

A brilliant financial plan is useless if something from left field takes you out and all that you’ve worked so hard for isn’t protected.   True peace of mind comes from ensuring that your own health, ability to earn and income and your loved ones or even key people in your business are taken care of in event of traumatic illnesses, disablement or even fatal situations.

Hopefully these five reasons are compelling enough for you to think again about whether or not you really need an adviser.  These days, we’re time poor.  We’re already juggling our career, business, employees, health and wellbeing, significant other, little people and besties, while trying to stay on the green smoothies, pack a nutritious lunch, fit in yoga and not forget the school run and nail eight hours sleep each night.

There’s not much time left over and being someone who’s all for outsourcing… why not allow a professional to assist?  Unless you’re all over your financial situation, have set plans that you’re working to achieve and truly have it all together, I believe a financial adviser can add value, and possibly point out areas where you hadn’t even thought you might need a hand.

Usually an initial interview is at the adviser’s expense of time, so look around, interview a couple and find someone you click with who can make your life easier today!  It may just be the best investment you ever make.

About Amanda Cassar

Amanda Cassar is the Director of Wealth Planning Partners & Trusted Aged Care Services. She holds a Masters Degree in Financial Planning and passionate about raising financial literacy levels, especially for women. Her blog at has many articles with this end in mind. She serves clients Australia wide with “The WPP Way: Secure, Build, Succeed” from her office based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Twitter: @financechicks @WealthPP

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