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Do you talk too much when meeting with a man?


Women are stereotyped as to liking to chat. And it’s true we are generally good communicators.

We can pretty much talk about anything at any time to anyone. But in business, this isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

Women often feel the need to talk and talk and talk in a meeting or when meeting with a business prospect, often continuing to talk until they feel they are receiving approval from the other side — or sometimes purely because they lack the confidence to say what needs to be said and either stop or move on.

Too much talking can give the wrong impression: that you are disorganised, too emotional or not in control. This may not be a fair assumption, but it’s a reality that such assumptions are made. And if you talk too much, the perceived value of what you are saying dwindles as your talking goes on. So whether or not it’s correct, you’re bound to eventually be judged as prattling — or worse, talking rubbish.

So here are a few pointers and guidelines to follow:

1. Be confident

Firstly don’t feel intimidated by the person with whom you are speaking. They are human just like you. They might have a stern face or even be rude, don’t let them phase you.

2. Be prepared

Before you meet with them, know exactly what you want to say and the outcome you are looking for. If you’re at an event, it is better to say nothing and ask questions than to talk too much.

3. Have an ace up your sleeve

If you are in the middle of a meeting and t he other person shuts down you or your idea, make sure you have other options to discuss. However, keep in mind at all times: what’s in it for them?

4. Learn to say ‘no’ properly

Be confident in saying no. There are many ways to say no without using the actual word as discussed here. Although you need to be confident enough to not commit or to disagree politely when you need to.

5. Be comfortable with silence

Often men say nothing or leave large breaks in the discussion in order to make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t fall for it. If you feel awkward then just ask them a qua ruins. I am yet to meet a man who doesn’t like, no LOVE talking about himself.

6. Know when to stop talking

If you start to lose the point or the other person loses interest… stop talking. It’s better to leave them wanting more rather than wanting you to leave.

7. Roadmap

End the discussion with suggested next steps. This is a great way to end a conversation. Suggest the next steps, agree to them and leave. Then follow up with an email and recap. 


Remember that if in doubt – say nothing for even a fool is thought to be wise when he is silent!

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    Tony Arena

    September 23, 2015 at 11:36 am

    I love the quote and the bit about silence. If I have learned anything in my later selling years it is the magic of pacing, waiting and silence.

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