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Does your business have a voice?


What does your business say about you? Most businesses are by definition considered an entity. They are defined as “organizations established as a separate existence for the purpose of taxes, founded by one or more natural persons to facilitate specific business activities or to allow its owners to engage in a trade.” Most people view a business as a means to an end and a way to make money, some consider it a lifestyle, etc. That being said this might come across as a strange concept to some, but what if there was a different kind of communication available in regard to business?

As previously stated, a business by definition is an entity with a separate existence. It has a name, an identity, it is subject to taxation – it is like an evolving and moving organism, in other words, it has most of the characteristics that could also be attributed to a person. Similar to an infant it is also dependent on its owner, constantly being contributed energy to it in many different forms, mostly in money, effort and interaction. Some would also go so far as to say it has consciousness.

So why would it not have a voice and a vision of its own? And if so, what is it communicating to us and to the world? (What would it like to be when it grows up?) What is it saying about you?

The beginning – acknowledging and starting to listen

Ideally, a business gains its voice through us. We are its spokesperson, it’s representative. There is a flood of information available out there and is mainly about how to give your business a voice – how to efficiently market it, building its brand, and make your statement to the world by targeting the right audience.

All of this can be distracting, tempting us to get too invested in looking outside of us for answers and magic formulas – to the point of drowning out the voice of our business.

We forget to listen to what we know and what our business is communicating to us.

Play with your intuition

Every situation has a feeling to it. When you’re making choices and you are confronted with all that information and advice, see which ‘feels’ lighter. If thinking about one of your options feels heavy, it might not be the one that will work for you. 

A different paradigm – Flipping things on their head

I would say it is safe to assume that by being in business we have all probably made our fair share of “mistakes” by not listening to what our intuition is or what our business was trying to communicate to us, and we will probably continue to do so, but hopefully after reading this, you can do so to a lesser degree.

What I am offering here as an alternative is a question.

What if instead of viewing them as mistakes, we flipped this paradigm on its head and started looking at it as a gift in disguise and a possibility for growth?

A question such as ‘What is right about this that I am not getting?’ can largely assist us in getting out of judging seemingly difficult or unpleasant circumstances or situations that might have arisen due to our past choices.

The next step is claiming and acknowledging what we and our business have already accomplished, having gratitude for it, and speaking or conveying your message from that viewpoint.  

Getting clear

To really look at what you would like to create and what impact you would like to make in the world (around you and also generally speaking) through your business, make sure that your vision resonates to what your business’ impact should be. For example, if your business would like to go global and impact the world on a more global scale, but you are keeping it local and small or just focusing on a certain country, this can lead to missed opportunities, or even a decline in prospects.

Letting go of control

Give your business space to breathe. Perhaps by adding new people or loosening the grip on the reins just a touch so that your business has the freedom to evolve, expand and even experience the desired growth.

Have a 100-year perspective

Going back to why we started our business in the first place (what was our target?) and then taking a 100-year perspective (where we would like our business to be 100 years from now), creates a broadening outlook. We start looking at everything on a more global scale, from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective, which in turn enables us to see different possibilities and possible choices that were not available for us to see or even consider beforehand, as we were functioning from a smaller space.

And what if we could also apply this tool to the way we deliver our message to our audience through our business? Might that create the same effect on them as well? Most people only consider a timeframe or span of a month (their next pay check), 6 months, maybe 1 year or 5 years at best, which also reflects on their choices. What if our unique message, our different approach, could inspire them to look at something they have never considered before?

What is it that you and your business have to offer that no one else has or can, at least not in the same way?

Being willing to be unique and different…

Most of the advice out there is focused on knowing your target audience and delivering your message according to their needs and expectations and the importance of shaping your message to what people want to hear. But does that really work or is it a recipe for being ‘plain vanilla’ – opening the door for competition and making us swim in competitive waters? 

Look at what or who you are basing your message on. Does that resonate with what you and your business would like to say? Find a healthy balance between your unique message, that of your business, while also taking into account the audience you are addressing.

To what degree are we letting media, competitors and our target customers shape our message? To what degree are we letting the message of our business be impacted and shaped by the world, instead of the message and voice of our business being the one impacting and shaping the world?

About Marja Zapusek

Marja Zapusek is an Access Consciousness certified facilitator, Being You certified facilitator and Right Voice for You facilitator. She is also a licensed mediator with a law degree and works in the corporate world as an assistant auditor and CEO of two companies, one in Accounting and one in self-development. Before finding Access, she had tried all sorts of modalities, none of which created any sense of freedom or even much change. Access helped her leave an abusive relationship, create a happy home with her beautiful daughter, and have a healthy relationship with her body. Today she continues to build a thriving business traveling the world – living out her dreams and teaching others to do the same. Follow her on Facebook

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