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You don’t have to tell your staff everything!


There’s no doubt that keeping staff informed is good for their engagement with the business and an ongoing morale boost by signaling their value to the business. But there is a big difference between boosting morale and ensuring your staff feel valued to giving them direct access to executive level decisions and strategies. You don’t have to tell your staff everything that is going on.

In today’s world the focus on keeping every single person happy in their job has overshadowed the fact that it is just that, a job.

Women particularly fall into the guilt trap when asked why they didn’t involve staff in top level decisions. They didn’t because of a range of reasons.

1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the first consideration. The more people that know about top level decisions the more likely Chinese whispers will kick in and the workplace will turn into gossip central.

2. Focus

Keeping staff focused on the job at hand rather than on issues that may actually reduce morale due to uncertainty or fear.

3. It’s a job

When it comes to the crunch. Staff are hired to do a job. Now it’s up to the boss whether or not they want the atmosphere to be one of productive and positive attitudes or negative and stressful. This doesn’t require staff to be privy to important decisions.

4. Extra pressure

Many staff members just want to come to work, do their job and leave. To burden them with information that is no relevant to their role will end up backfiring and possibly result in them leaving.

5. Don’t get personal

Your staff doesn’t need to know about your personal life. Going out with them on a Friday night for drinks or attending birthday parties. Opening up about your troubles is just a green light to have a culture of the same at work. You can’t expect staff to not do the same as you. If you want a friendly but productive team, keep personal information  to a minimum.

6. Peer pressure

Other women will pressure you to have an open door policy. This is ok when it comes to being available however it doesn’t mean you need to answer every question asked of you. You’re the leader. You need vision, confidence and direction. The second you’re worried about what peers say or people on Facebook try and pressure you into doing you’ve started to lose control.

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