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Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook’s ad platform


Being born in Sydney in the late ’80s to entrepreneurial parents meant that I soon developed a passion for business, and wanted to create my own path to help others. Over my career I have gained invaluable knowledge in a diverse range of industries which have helped me build my own consulting brand, Growth Management Systems by the time I was 25.

What I’ve learned after helping over 170 businesses and managing over $10 million in ad spend is that Facebook advertising is vital for small businesses. They have to reach their audiences because this provides the most targeted form of advertising – businesses can filter who they advertise to by age, locations, interests and even behaviour and because it is measurable in ways that other advertising methods may not be, it is also super cost-effective which is important for businesses wanting to grow and expand.

Some things to consider when utilising Facebook Ads:

  • Define a metric that drives your engine. For instance, If you can work out your cost per customer acquisition – you basically know much you can spend to acquire a client profitably
  • Execution over perfection. Don’t spend months developing the perfect website or marketing funnel, instead – fail fast and develop as you go. There’s no perfect time!
  • Invest in great talent and delegate as much as you can. This is the only way to grow and scale your business.

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful and are not only across Facebook, they roll across Instagram and Facebook messenger too. Brands are able to ensure their ads are reaching their potential audiences via targeted demographics such as age, hobbies and even life events.

To find out more about how I use Facebook ads to generate huge sales as well as the omnichannel strategy developed to compliment and bring profit to all clients across their channels, come and see me at the Conversation Series at Life Instyle.

Australia’s favourite boutique retail trade show, Life Instyle’s annual The Conversation Series has been curated to feature some of the best in business. Returning to Sydney’s ICC in February (21-24), this year’s stellar lineup of industry leaders includes Blake Micola, founder of marketing agency, Growth Management Systems, among others.

You can purchase tickets to hear Blake here – $5 of each ticket sale will be donated to the Red Cross Bushfire relief.

About Blake Micola'

Blake Micola is Founder and CEO of GMS. Blake always had a dream to create his own business as a teenager and has done so at the ripe age of 25 and has since helped hundreds of companies scale their growth through his social media marketing expertise.

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