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Dressing for business success: business footwear


In the business world, dressing for business success is almost as important as competency, creativity, and drive. And your wardrobe can definitely affect your confidence. The care that you put into selecting your business attire should also extend to your choice of footwear. The shoes that you might choose for a night out are not the shoes you should choose to wear in the business arena.

Dressing for business success: footwear

As you consider different dressing for business options at a traditional or an online shoe store, pay close attention to what each shoe has to offer. If the four following qualities are not present, that’s a sign to keep looking.

Simple styling works well with multiple outfits

There’s a time to go with something that’s fun and trendy, and there’s a time to go with something that’s more sedate and traditional. When you’re talking about footwear that’s appropriate in the boardroom or while visiting a client, the latter is the way to go in dressing for business.

Keep it simple when you choose footwear. The style should work well with your attire while not calling much attention to your feet. They should convey the message that you’re practical as well as able to take on just about any task in the business world. They also send the subtle message that you know how to display good taste when it comes to choosing footwear for a business environment.

Moderate heels work better than spikes

With pantsuits and some skirts, there may be a temptation to wear spikes. Resist the urge. What you need are shoes that are flattering but also place less stress on your lower legs and ankles. That can be done and still create the impression that you want.

A good move to consider is opting for heels that are no more than a couple of inches. They do provide a little of the lift that you want but place much less pressure on the ankles and lower legs. In terms of feeling more energized late in the day and avoiding aches and pains by the time you get home, opting for the shorter heel is easily the way to go.

Only higher quality materials

There are plenty of attractive shoes that would look good in the office. Some of them are offered at low prices. Unfortunately, some of those choices are made using materials that won’t do you any favors.

Always go with higher quality materials that are easy to clean and won’t show wear after a short time. Those same materials are also less likely to squeak when you walk down the hallway. If you need more incentive, paying a little more for high-quality materials means you won’t have to replace the footwear as often. In the long run, they will save you money as well as make it easier to project a professional image.

Comfort style and support all matter

The right type of business footwear will not leave you lacking on any front. There are plenty of comfortable and stylish shoes on the market that are ideal for the workplace. They also provide support that leaves your feet feeling fine at the end of a long day. It will be much easier to leave work, feel like having dinner with friends, or do whatever else you would like after you leave the office.

Take your time and look at a number of different styles and colors. Make sure they have all four of these qualities before buying anything. Once you slip them on and see how nice they look and feel, you’ll know that you made the right decision.

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Ainsley Pavee is a New York based financial and business consultant with a focus on assisting female business owners and entrepreneurs overcome hurdles that can hold them back.

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