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Drumming up a customer base


You need to aim for the stars when you’re working on a marketing plan. You need to communicate to as many people as you possibly can to give the product a mass sense of appeal. While this is the goal, it isn’t always feasible, unless your product is the Holy Grail, so working how best to get to a mass audience requires a lot of trial and error, as well as relying on tried and tested methods. With more and more businesses trying to stamp out a path for themselves, you need to work harder to captivate your potential customer base. Here are a few methods…

Word of mouth

A vastly underestimated way of getting customers nowadays is the positive words people can spread about your business now. With people quick to complain if something slightly doesn’t go their way, it’s nice when someone has something positive to say about a product or even the customer service. This can be done by simple graft; good customer relations, care, and attention to detail are all things to help put your business in a much more positive context. Word of mouth worked very well pre-internet, so with the power of different communication channels you’ve got a much better chance of getting a good reputation for yourself over the world.

Social media

As the power of word of mouth is generated mainly by social media now, it needs to be at the forefront of any advertising campaign strategies you have. Facebook advertisement experts work with businesses to generate a clear-cut message to their customers via social media, and while you can use a website to express your brand and convey your image as you want it, it is the social media channels you need to be using to maintain a constant presence. Customers seldom go to your website, you must go to them, and social media is the jewel in the crown in modern advertising because you can use it to communicate absolutely anything with a few clicks and in record time. The concept of “yesterday’s news” doesn’t exist anymore with social media, it is always current.

Mix up the message

The option to experiment with videos, podcasts or anything that may be integral to your marketing campaign is easier now. With more access to film-quality cameras and editing equipment, we can work to create our own brand with little outside help. Your customer base can be expanded by using the age-old advertising technique of (almost) emotional blackmail. The most memorable adverts are ones that make us think or make us laugh, and the message you make can be sugar-coated in so many ways now. You can use interactive advertising methods on social media, or you can use Instagram to make a collection of short films or make a podcast to get onto the I-tunes chart. There have never been so many options to appeal to a broad base of customers. The message can take so much more forms than a billboard, and as a result, capturing a wider customer base is yours for the taking!

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