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Why are DUI charges so harmful to business women?


DUI cases are extremely common among people of all demographics. Everyone has a car today, which means they can go behind the wheel any time they wish to, without concerning for their condition. But as a business person, you feel even a great impact than other people.

DUI cases are serious, and can result in lawsuits as well. Once you are convicted or plead guilty to being charged of a DUI, any other person injured in a crash resulting from the DUI or DWI is able to file an accident lawsuit against you for damages. Further, if you lose your driving licence, thisdrivin could make it hard for business appointments in your city, or at the very least cost you a fortune in taxi fares.

DUI lawsuits are extremely common in Australia, the US and the UK particularly. And in those countries it is very harmful to your business and career to be convicted of one.

As per reports, DUI cases are the #2 most common cases as people tend to consider it normal to drive under the influence, and many are even unaware of the consequences.

The party culture is a main reason why DUI cases are so common. Look at the UK, which though not a party capital records a huge number of DUI cases every year.

It is reported by the Deltic Night Index Report, a study concerning the UK’s late night economy, that the British spend an average of over 58.48 pounds on a single night out. This includes drinks, food, transport and entry fees.

It is also reported that nearly 40% of the locals go out to party at least once a week. This figure is quite consistent among many age groups. The top reasons for one to go out at night for a drink was to see friends (66%). This number increased to (73%) across the 18-30 age group.

Over almost half of population that goes out does it to feel relaxed, but end up drunk. The same is the case with the USA where driving under the influence is very common.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) the rate of driving under the influence amongst 21-25 year olds is over 21.4%. Moreover, the total number of people convicted of drunk driving in 2015 was over 29,100,000. Whereas the total population of the U.S.A is 323.1 million people as recorded in 2016.

This means that overall, in the U.S.A, over 15.4% of the total population were arrested due to drunk driving only, in the year 2015.

DUI arrest statistics show that over 10,075 people die annually in incidents due to drunk driving. The financial loss is not even considered here as it runs into billions including loss to vehicle, property and medical expenses due to accidents.

Another major reason why these cases are so common is due to people’s negligence and unawareness of the law. Despite the government’s efforts to educate the general public, these cases are still common.

If you look for semi truck fuel tanks accidents online, you will find that a huge number of these cases were due to drunk driving. Moreover, underage driving is another reason.

Victims have the option to turn to lawyers to get their due share, but not all damages are reversible and monetary benefits cannot make up for the emotional loss or loss of lives.


DUI cases are common and there is a dire need to reduce the number of such cases. The laws are already in place, there is just a need to follow what’s in the books.

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