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‘Dumb blonde’ with an ‘open legs policy’ 


Why is it that when a woman is successful and connected, some men feel so threatened that they need to find a justification for why they themselves are not as connected or successful?

In a recent meeting, I was listing a range of people I was connecting with for a client (because that is what I do, I am a Strategic Connector). They were trying to give me tips on how to strategise for my meetings when I said I’m very honest with the people I work with — if I need something I ask and if I can help them I do. I am transparent.

The comment was then made that connecting works for me because I ‘play the dumb blonde card’.

Not because I have spent 10 years building quality relationships with great people and the trust I have with them means I am able to connect honestly and productively.

Shocked? I’m not.

Why? Because this insult is a common reaction from men who can’t understand why a woman younger than them has the ability to connect with so many people so swiftly — and so well.

In my world this happens often. Too often in fact. Both to my face (regularly online by keyboard warriors) and of course behind my back.

Recently I was informed that high profile males were trying to dilute my success and influence within their circles by suggesting I have an ‘open legs policy’.

In this case they have known me for some time and have watched my rise in both profile, success and connections. Instead of reaching out to work with me, they clearly felt it would be better to try and damage my character within my networks.

Foolishly, they had no idea how many of my valuable connections were quick to inform me of what was happening.

It is both exhausting and disappointing to see this happening to business women (or any woman for that matter).

This is why I have a Blacklist. It is my private list of all the people who have spent time and effort to try and destroy me. I remain silent about who they are and I am respectful when I see them in person, however they are barred from any opportunities or connections I have now or in the future.

Building a business on your own as a woman is tough.

We don’t need this bullshit.

We will deal with it, we will move past it and we will rise like a phoenix while we leave the haters behind us in the ashes.

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Founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Amanda Rose is also the only 'strategic connector', a brand strategist, keynote speaker and host of Amanda Rose TV. Connect with Amanda Rose on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or visit

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