Dynamic questions you should always ask when hiring


Hiring new staff can sometimes seem like stepping through a minefield. You may have a short list of the best and brightest candidates, but how do you truly know which person would make the greatest contribution to your business?

Here are my top tools for having ease with the whole hiring process.

1. Seek people who know more than you

One of the mistakes that I see people making is, they believe that nobody can do the business as well as they can. I too had this point of view. And I used to hire people who could not do things as well, which meant I had to work twice as hard.

Is having highly competent people working with you going to expand your business? Yes! Once I acknowledged this, I changed my perspective and have since hired some amazing people to work with me.

Seek to hire people who know more than you do. Having someone who loves doing accounts, for example, is a massive contribution to my business. It also frees me to do the parts of the business that I’m really great at and enjoy.

When you have the person you’re thinking of hiring in front of you, a great tool is to think “truth”in your head and then ask your questions out loud. If you say “truth” before asking any question, people have to say what’s true for them. Or else you’ll get to know that there’s a lie. That’s a universal law.

This tool is not for trapping people or catching anyone out; it’s about gaining awareness and making choices for your business to grow and expand exponentially. Hiring from awareness is the joy of business.

2. Seek people who love making money

A great question to ask yourself when you’re considering someone is: Truth, will this person make the business money now and/or in the future?And truth, will this person add to the company in some way?

You’re in business to make money, so don’t hire someone who has a poverty mentality. Look for those with prosperity consciousness. People who’re from moneyed families and people who love money even if they come from poverty, will go out and create more money for your business.Someone who has money expects to always have money; that’s part of their reality.

Someone with a poverty mentality holds on to all the stuff in their house even if it’s of no use. They think they must holdtightly on to what they have as though that’s all there is.Usually they will make sure you don’t make enough money even to pay them.

3. Ask dynamic questions

Invariably one question I ask prospective employees is: Truth, what is the one thing I haven’t asked you that I should know about you?

People may say things like, “Sometimes I run late” or “I don’t really like answering the phone”. They’ll tell you what they don’t like to do and again, this is not about wrong-footing someone. It’s about gaining awareness so you know what to choose.Always ask for staff who will contribute to your business beyond your wildest dreams, that’s what I do.

4. Seek to be a leader

In seminars, business people often ask me how to control things to make sure they get the result they want. I always say, don’t try to control things —be the leader of your business and the leader of your life.

Leaders know where they’re heading and they’ll go there no matter what it takes. That could mean allowing your employees to make choices on their own, even if that leads to mistakes. Being a leader could also mean not controlling everything to make sure things look a certain way.When you’re busy micromanaging, you leave possibilities behind.The problem is it’s never going to expand your business, and that’s the micro part of micromanaging!

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