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Earn more: Smart ways to boost your income


This guide outlines some smart and simple ways to earn more and strengthen your financial situation.

Everyone would love to make more money, and with the number of options that are open to us today, there are more ways than ever to do so. The internet has done a great deal to democratize the world of business and finance, and it’s easier to be an entrepreneur or investor now than it was 20 years ago. You also have time tested methods that have been used to make money since forever, and these can sometimes be much more accessible than we may imagine.

Earn more: ways to boost your income

Here are some smart ways that you could earn more and improve your income.

Give private lessons

The internet made it possible to extend the classroom to the virtual environment. This practicality allows several professionals to be able to give classes online. Therefore, one way to earn more income is to teach classes without leaving home, with the advantage of not having limited activity.

In addition to classes such as math, writing and other school subjects, it is possible to give private lessons in dance, yoga, music classes, sewing and an extensive list. The benefit is to get extra money teaching what you have mastered, but the difficulty, at first, is getting students and organizing class time with your regular job.

It is also important to distinguish the difference between knowing how to do and knowing how to teach. Before investing in classes, assess your patience and teaching skills to clearly convey knowledge to students.

Open an online store

With the e-commerce sector so heated, many people see this market as an opportunity to undertake or earn more. There are several platforms that offer all the features you need to open a virtual store within minutes.

That’s why, even without ever having a virtual store, you can open your brand, register products and start selling on the internet with just a few clicks. Within this possibility, it is possible to market clothing, electronics, collectibles and various other niche products.

Sign up for freelance platforms

One of the main alternatives to earn more is working as a freelancer. Here, you can either explore opportunities within your area of ​​expertise or in other activities that you have technical knowledge and affinity.

For example, you can work with digital marketing in your day to day, but to make extra income look for freelancers in translation, audio transcription, to walk dogs etc. There are many free and paid freelance platforms to register, among the best known are Upwork, 99Freelas,, Get Ninjas, Fiverr and Workana.

Rent your car or property

Nowadays, there are companies that help you rent your car that is parked in the garage to other drivers, without you having to worry about tracking problems, fines, insurance and rental security for other drivers. Another possibility is to rent properties, both to fixed tenants, with long-term contracts, as well as through applications such as Airbnb.

Open a virtual thrift store

Many people started to evaluate the mode of consumption to adopt more sustainable and minimalist lifestyles. In this sense, instead of looking for new pieces in fast fashion stores, many people are looking for clothing and accessory options in thrift stores.

This change in behavior has brought a window of opportunity for those who want to earn more income selling pieces of clothing and items that they no longer use. There are several options on how to sell used clothes online to earn more, such as on thrift stores profiles on social networks with marketplace, own virtual stores or platforms.

Make crafts

Have you ever stopped to think that your weekend hobby can help you earn more money? Many people manage to earn good money selling handcrafted objects. If you like knitting, sewing, painting, embroidery and the like, it can be a very interesting solution to increase income by doing something you already have a lot of experience with.

Be an affiliate

As an affiliate, you can earn more and generate profit by selling products through digital channels and earning a commission for every sale made. There are several ways to become an affiliate and you don’t need to invest money to get started. The only dedication is to promote the product links, in order to generate clicks and conversions.

Work as a driver

If you have your own vehicle, another option to earn more to supplement your income is as an app driver. Registration is simple and you only need to have a smartphone and your vehicle capable of racing.

This can be a good option to earn extra money on weekends or during holidays, for example. As with the other suggestions, it is an activity that requires a lot of dedication of time, aptitude and a lot of patience and zeal in traffic.

Write/translate texts

If you work as a copywriter or have ease with writing and languages, a great option is to earn more income through writing and translating texts. There are several ways to get writing and translation projects. If you are a beginner, freelance platforms and social media groups are good channels to find opportunities. If you already have a career in this area, you can disclose in your professional profile that you also provide this type of service as a freelancer.

Offer a consultancy

Consulting and coaching can also be a way to earn more income within your area of ​​expertise. The big advantage is that you can earn money in what you already specialize in, helping other companies and professionals in the area.

Another benefit is that the consultancy work, in general, can be completely done online, opening up the possibility of conquering clients from other cities or countries.

Rent your garage

If you live in a condominium and your parking space is free or you have one to spare, how about making sure you don’t have any neighbors interested in renting? It’s one of the easiest ways to earn extra income without dedicating time and money.

Make deliveries

Look at your cell phone screen. It’s hard to find, nowadays, anyone who doesn’t have any delivery service installed among the apps, isn’t it? On the other side of the order, in addition to the merchant, we have the delivery person who makes the delivery so that you receive what you need at home, whether it is food, medicine, supermarket or documents.

Due to the demand for these services, there are several opportunities in delivery applications for those who want to work with delivery to earn extra income. It’s worth evaluating whether it’s the best option for you.

Teach languages

Following the line of private lessons tips, another option is to teach language lessons. Here, there is both the option of giving private lessons online and in person.

Learn a skill

It’s sad to see how many people undervalue the trades, but learning one or multiple skills could open you up to all sorts of possibilities. The future of the work and business landscape is tied very much to upskilling.

Expanding on your existing skills creates a path for career growth. Taking courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, spending time with mentors or being coached allows you to learn, keep up with industry developments, build self-awareness and stay fresh.

With the explosion of online courses and on-demand learning you may not even need to leave the office to upskill. But the right in-person learning experience can make it easier to immerse yourself in the topic. A deliberate change of environment can change your perspective. Value yourself and your contribution by requesting time and support for regular learning.

Write an eBook

Writing a book is much more accessible than people may imagine, and can be a great way to build residual income. The fastest route to selling a book is to create an eBook. You don’t even need to write it either. You could literally have a complete eBook written for you by a ghostwriter and put your name on it.

If you want to take this approach, however, we suggest you do so with a subject you have some sort of expertise in. This is because you will eventually have to interact with your audience at some point if your book is successful and has a following, so you want to seem knowledgeable and credible when talking to them.

Publishing an eBook is extremely easy, and building a selling page can literally be done in one day. All you have to do next is to find the right audience and send traffic your way.

Learn how to trade

There are so many ways that you can trade today, even with limited capital. You have tons of options like the Forex or options trading that allow you to control lots of capital with a small starting position. However, these are not for everyone, and options in particular can be complex. But, once you learn how to do it successfully it could become a great way to either supplement your income or become a full-time trader.

Some of the things that make options so attractive are that they have fewer risks, allow you to make money whether the markets are up or down, and don’t require that you stay glued to your computer like with day trading. On the other hand, they can be risky since using leverage can go both ways and expose you to great losses if you don’t take the right approach. This is why it’s important that you have a solid foundation before you start trading; start mirroring other people’s trades at first, and do some paper trading before you decide to take the jump.

These are all possible ways to earn more money. However, while they are all accessible, you have to make sure that you know what you’re doing first if you don’t want to end up losing money, time, or both.

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