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Easy ways to impress at your next business event


Hosting a business event takes a lot of time and effort. It’s designed to impress some important people, whether it’s clients or colleagues, so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. If you’re in charge of making sure everything goes smoothly, there are various factors you need to think about if you want to impress all of your guests. You want them to have fun while they’re there, as well as feel informed, and leave the event still talking about it. To avoid boring everyone or your even turning out to be a flop, take a look at these key factors for getting it right.

Choose the right venue

Where you hold your event is one of the most important things to consider. Firstly, you need to consider practicality. Is your venue easy to get to? Is it accessible for everyone? Will it provide the facilities you need, such as AV equipment or a dining room? Venues that are set up for corporate functions can range from hotels to conference centers. The number of guests you have and the type of event are going to come into play when you select your venue. But you might also want to think about the atmosphere and ambience of the venue and whether it matches your event.

Balance work and play

Creating a corporate event that is neither too stuffy, nor too focused on fun, is a tricky balancing act. You want to entertain your guests, but they should also leave feeling that they have got something out of it that benefits them in business. They might largely benefit through networking, or they might get to hear some useful talks or join in with some workshops. If it’s more of a party atmosphere or maybe a dinner, there’ll be more fun than work. However, that doesn’t mean you want it to be a free-for-all, so setting some boundaries on behavior is a good idea.

Focus on food

The food and drink at an event can make or break it. Obviously, this goes double when the food is the main event. You don’t want everyone to be talking about the food for all the wrong reasons, but you also don’t want them not to be talking about it at all. When you’re planning your event, choosing the right catering service can make a big difference. Some venues provide catering, but what they’re offering might not be suitable. Doing something a little different, but usually not too out there, can get people talking.

Get interactive

Creating some ways for people to interact with your event can create some talking points. For example, some people choose to have photo booths at their corporate events to promote fun. It’s a good way to get people to talk about your event on social media too. If you create a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram, it can encourage people to talk about the event online both during and after.

Leave an impression on your guests at your next event by thinking about what they’re looking for. What do they want to take away from the event?

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