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Eco-friendly workplaces are the way forward: how to achieve one


The only way the world can evolve successfully is if we keep its wellbeing in mind and go as green as possible. Being mindful of eco-friendly practices should be commonplace; not only at home but in your office or workspace as well. An environmentally friendly business shows that it’s thinking about the future and is conscious of its actions; these are appealing traits to potential clients and consumers, so it’s worth investing in what’s on the market for a greener space. The following are some ideas for those who want their business and work environment to breathe in a fresh breathe of eco-friendly air.

Calm down your computers

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to get rid of your company’s computers and the rest of the office’s electrical items. However, there are a few different things you can do to save on energy, thus helping to save the environment. Your computers will all have energy-saving settings, so implement them and ensure that everyone in your workspace does the same. Leaving a desktop or laptop on standby will still drain electricity between uses; so make sure that they’re turned off fully at the end of each day (this is also good for your computer and will save the business a substantial amount of money). Check out and see how powering down your device will cut energy usage and its cost.

You can also be mindful of the other electrics in the office space; energy-efficient coffee machines and light bulbs are an investment for our business and the environment. Encourage all members of staff to switch things off properly and use meters to record your weekly usage; this way you can set your team manageable targets and use an incentive scheme to stay green.

Say no to paper when possible

Aside from electrical energy usage draining the world’s resources and creating pollution; paper usage is often a business’s biggest eco faux-pas. You can switch various processes that use printed paper in your business to digital tech. Check out to see how you can incorporate management software into your company to help you go greener. Backup all your paper files on your computer and onto hard-drives; you’ll begin to eliminate the need for paper filing altogether, and it’s a phenomenal way to save space too.

Go green with materials

Sometimes there’s no getting around the use of paper and other materials in an office. However, there are plenty of recycled options for coffee cups, toilet tissue, and notepads for scribbling things down and the odd doodle at your desk. You can also invest in recycled stationery like pens and pencils, and refillable pens are always a better option than disposable ones.

When you do invest in stationery and equipment; try and buy in bulk or go and pick items up in person, so that shipping and packaging costs are reduced regarding the welfare of the environment. Investing locally is another way to be eco-conscious, so it’s worth sourcing your products from nearby. Even the smallest changes can make a major eco-friendly difference if new processes and products become habitual and everybody uses them You’ve already made a great start by reading this article; so keep going, it’s worth it.

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