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Eco friendly jobs: Important roles for women to thrive in the eco sector


There are a plethora of eco friendly jobs within the environmental sector that you could establish yourself in. Certain jobs within this field still have a relatively low female uptake due to these roles being dominated by men. However it is important to not be deterred by this as you should follow whatever passion and ambition you possess in life.

If there are not many women in some of the eco friendly jobs you wish to apply for then you can become the first in your field. As a result you would then become a pivotal role model for aspiring young girls who will need encouragement to progress in life, just like you did.

Eco friendly jobs women should consider

If you aspire to be involved in making important decisions which will have a positive impact on climate change then there are certainly some areas in which you can excel in. Even simple decisions such as changing to Ecoy bamboo bedding can help.

Eco friendly jobs: Solar technician

There are still few women in this industry with only 2% accounted for in the eco friendly jobs in this sector. All you would require is a High School Diploma, as the remainder of the role will mostly consist of training that can be completed on the job itself. If you do have less than five years experience to begin with, you could still look to be earning between $20,000 and $51,000 annually.

Your main duties will include planning, assembling, installing and ensuring the solar panels fit accordingly on the necessary rooftop. If you are not one for working in an office environment this will be ideal as you would certainly be working outdoors a great deal.

Given that the need to be more eco-friendly has gained momentum in the last few years, the demand for more sustainable energies to power businesses is certainly going to be profitable. Solar power is considered to be one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy according to the International Energy Agency, with growth estimated at 50% between 2019 and 2024.

Eco friendly jobs: Environmental engineer

If thinking of new concepts to deal with how to improve environmental problems that people rely on a daily basis, so public health, recycling and air pollution are aspects that interest you then perhaps a career in Environmental Engineering is suitable for you. You would be finding solutions to these everyday problems and also tackling issues such as climate change and environmental sustainability.

You would require a Bachelor’s Degree from University, which could cover areas such as chemical, civil or general engineering. As an Environmental Engineer you could potentially be earning between $57,336 and $94,220, so it is certainly worth the study time it requires to become one.

There are various important women in this field that have been able to succeed and provide the ability to inspire even more women to join this important sector, which is always encouraging.

Eco friendly jobs: Climatologist

If you want to analyze the long term weather patterns and how they affect our ever changing climate, then this is your area of expertise. You would be assessing how various factors can affect how the weather is determined through geology, water and atmosphere.

The role differs to a Meteorologist who analyzes short term weather trends. You would be assessing the weather pattern of a specific geographical location over the course of a 30 year time period.

To begin in this sector you would need a Bachelor’s Degree from University which could cover atmospheric sciences, meteorology or climatology. It is a well paid profession with the average ranging from $66,200 to $90, 210.

There is a projected growth of around 9.3% over the course of the next ten years, so it is certainly an industry which will require more qualified professionals in this field. There are certainly various women in this field who have been striving towards making a positive impact in this sector, which you could be a part of too.

Eco-friendly jobs: sustainable jewelry

If the notion of running your own business is more appealing and you are quite a creative person and enjoy crafts then perhaps you could start your own jewelry business. You would not require high costs if you initially begin the business at home. Then when you are ready to upscale the brand you could then think about recruiting staff to help you deal with production and distribution and finding an appropriate office space to work from.

You could also ensure you adhere to the new ethical diamond buying guide by sourcing environmentally friendly pieces to add to your collection. Consumers have generally become more aware of how they shop in a more eco-friendly manner, so being able to incorporate this into your brand and identifying a gap in the market to stand out from other competitors will be essential.

Eco friendly jobs: Chief sustainability director

Another role which would require leadership skills would be a Chief Sustainability Director. You would be responsible for overseeing a company’s environmental and sustainability efforts, and finding ways to minimize the negative effect on the environment, whilst also ensuring the business can still make a profit. You would certainly require good leadership skills and the ability to proactively talk in front of an audience.

To assume this role you would first need to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree from University, specialising in environmental knowledge. A good level of biology, physics and chemistry along with math would also be necessary.

This would be particularly relevant in this field as you would be required to make necessary decisions relating to the sustainability of your business and the impact it is causing on the environment. The important role this assumes brings with it an appealing salary.

If you are determined to progress in this sector, the average salary of a Director of Sustainability in 2021 is between $85,170 and $134,439, which is certainly at the top end.

There are currently some good female role models in this area of industry who are demonstrating that women can indeed assume important roles such as Chief Sustainability Director in 2021.

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