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A breakdown of effective digital advertising methods in behaviour change


With so much of life being lived online, the digital world has become a convenient gateway to the global audience. The growth of digital technology has broken down barriers, making consumers easier to reach and influence. For this reason, marketing specialists have flocked to Digital Advertising; creating unique and targeted content to effect positive behavior change.

Achieving behavior change through digital advertising, involves adapting the principles of traditional marketing, and understanding the motivations of an identified target audience, in order to effect a positive behavior change. Read on to discover the impacts of effective digital advertising methods, in effecting positive behaviour change.

Digital targeting

Digital targeting is the process and method of reaching a clearly identified and specific audience. Potent targeting capabilities, allow you to curate your digital content specifically to inform and engage target consumers, without wasting money communicating to those who are outside of your target demographic and sphere of influence.

All digital and social media platforms include a level of demographic and psychographic targeting (targetting based on interests or attitudes). Through utilising these in-built targeting tools on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, your content can be specifically targeted at the demographic or audience whose behaviour or attitude you intend to influence.

Incentive marketing

Chances are you’ve heard the term ‘incentive marketing‘ at one point or another. It is an effective tactic used by marketing specialists everywhere. This concept of incentives and exchange, is integral to achieving sustainable behaviour change. Social media and other digital platforms utilise incentive-based marketing in order to transform the existing social structures which have influenced the negative behaviours.

Make the behaviour change desirable. Market the desired behaviour as an aspirational or pro-social trait, is making it an incredibly effective method in achieving behaviour change.

We all know that one of the key influences in sustainable behaviour change is ongoing motivation and reinforcement. In order to effect permanent behaviour change, it is crucial to make sustainable behaviour a habit. Digital marketing is therefore an affordable way to continue to stay in front of the target audience and effect positive change through nudges. In addition, built-in analytics means it’s effortless to evaluate the efficacy of your tactics.

Message development

Digital marketing relies on considerable research and focus testing in order to identify the most effective messaging. This is particularly important when curating content aimed at identifying and changing behavioural patterns.

The key to motivating a target audience is understanding their motivations– what matters to them enough to make a change? Digital media platforms which are inherently consumer-driven, are one of the most effective platforms to use to curate behaviour-influencing content.

Integrated, multi-platform approach

Digital Advertising recognises that sustainable behaviour change requires more than just a catchy tagline. Inciting change requires an integrated approach that includes digital, traditional, and interactive tools. What other platform enables you to create such an integrated, multi-faceted approach?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. Consumer behaviour and attitudes are therefore at the heart of conversion optimization, because he or she is making the decision to convert.

Targeted ads with calls-to-action lead the audience to your message, and to the specific action you wish them to take. Optimizing a landing page to increase conversion, is therefore an integral process in creating behavior change. ~

It is no secret that old habits die hard. It is however, also no secret that the Digital World is now the most influential platform for marketing and consumer behaviour. Utilising these digital advertising methods is therefore integral to influencing your target audience, and achieving the behaviour change that you desire.

Laura Costello is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Law/International Relations at Latrobe University. She is passionate about the law, the power of social media, and the ability to translate her knowledge of both common and complex topics to readers across a variety of mediums, in a way that is easy to understand.

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