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Employability makes you stand out. Here’s how to boost it


This guide outlines how to increase your employability for more success in a competitive job market.

While there is little you can do to get picked from a pile of applications, there is a lot you can do to make yourself stand out from a pool of candidates. With the employment rate improving, equipping yourself with the right employability skills can ensure that you are part of this employment boom.

What is employability?

Employability is the ability to get a job and the ability to stay in it. That is, be attractive to the labor market. The greater the professional’s ability to meet the demands and needs of the market and his area of expertise, the greater his employability.

However, the essential skills to stay in the labor market grow continuously. If some time ago intellectual capital was enough, today emotional intelligence is indispensable, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to be constantly improving, both personally and professionally.

Employability is not only about what you know, your knowledge, but how much you are worth in the labor market. If you have not yet stopped to think about it, know that it is important to worry about it throughout your career, and keeping employability high is a challenge these days, especially as a result of the rapid changes that happen in companies and the merger and acquisition processes.

Ways to increase your employability

Are you confident about entering today’s workforce? Do you have the knowledge and experience to land your dream job? Or do you have skills gaps to fill to become a better candidate? Here are some top tips to enhance your employability today.

  • Upgrade your resume

Keeping an updated resume or CV is essential to employability. Remember to include every accomplishment in your CV to display your abilities and experience to the recruiter. This means, when you complete a new course, training program, or take up more responsibilities in your current job, make sure to add to your CV.

Updating knowledge and skills is essential in all professions. Returning to school every five years is more or less a rule of another applicable to all of us, since an undergraduate degree from the past is no guarantee of job preservation.

Suppose you just completed an MBA in Digital Marketing Programs such as social media marketing communications, mobile marketing, digital strategy and planning, and digital marketing analytics. In that case, it would be advisable to include that on your resume as these are employability skills valued by organizations and can help you stand out from other candidates. 

  • Stay updated

Like any market, your employability depends on the sought-after employability skills and qualifications businesses within the industry are focused on. Today, employers are focused on your qualification and your ability to create new paths and drive creativity and innovative ideas. Therefore, you should consider developing your problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions.

However, you will only know what organizations are looking for if you stay updated on the market’s demands. You can do this by keeping up with the news from the industry or networking with various participants in the industry. 

Technology also should not be a threat to your employability if you are able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new digital world. Many senior professionals are engaging in training programs focused on new digital skills: programming, data analysis, etc.

  • Build a professional social media profile

What would a potential employer find about you on social media platforms? Platforms such as LinkedIn can be your online resume by showcasing your education, employability skills, and work accomplishments to both public and your private network.

Having an active presence and an updated professional social media profile can help you attract potential employers and network with professionals in the industry to discover opportunities to get ahead in your career. To do this right, ensure it’s in your name; use a professional-looking photograph and talk about yourself.

  • Grow your professional network

The relationship you build with individuals who may be your next employer can enhance your employability and career direction. Likewise, it is vital to distribute your professional network among diverse individuals in different positions and industries. You can significantly enhance your ability to attract the best employers and desired jobs by building a robust professional network.

There are a few platforms to interact with industry experts to create contact and enrich your connections. These individuals can help you develop and steer your career in the right direction by providing valuable inputs, knowledge, and experience.Your employability is equivalent to the reputation you have with your colleagues, peers and competitors. Being known and respected by the main stakeholders in your area is something you should achieve over time and this is a task that should begin to be built from the first day of your career.

Using social networks wisely is also advisable. Just be careful not to sell yourself too much, because it ends up pushing people away.

A key lever for professional success and employability is to have a good mentor, someone who knows you and can open doors and introduce the right people when necessary. Having a mentor requires reciprocity on your part: just asking for favors does not work in the long run.


If you are looking for a job, you may sometimes have questioned your own employability. Even if you are already employed, do not think that employability should not also be sought by those who currently have a job.

If you are not employable outside the company you work for, there may be a risk of remaining in it and being stuck in your career. The best way, then, is to have employability inside and outside the company you work for.

The demands of the labor market are increasing and professionals who do not follow them will hardly reach higher success levels. The ability to get a good job or even make an efficient career transition are related to employability — the technical and personal skills that the professional has.

With these tips, you are bound to make a good impression on recruiters, drastically increasing your chances of employment!

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