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Proven benefits of employee wellness programs


Employee wellness programs are on the rise, with statistics showing that around half of all American businesses offer some form of health or wellness program for their workers. But are these programs worth it? What kinds of tangible benefits can they really provide for the average business?

A lot of business owners want to know the answers to these questions, as many are still hesitant when it comes to launching their own employee wellness programs. Well, surveys and reports have shown that these programs can offer quite an impressive range of benefits, both for employees and employers. Read on to find out more.

Improving Employee Health

One of the most obvious benefits of setting up an employee wellness program is that it should help to improve the health of your employees. These programs are designed to encourage employees to adopt healthy habits, such as eating more fruits and veggies or exercising more often.
As these behaviors become part of their daily lives, their health will improve, helping them reduce their risks of long-term physical health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as cultivating positive mental health throughout your workforce too. Many employers want to see their workers happy and healthy, and a wellness program is a great way to make this happen.

Raising Engagement

As an employer, you want your employees to feel engaged with your business and aligned with your goals, working together with their colleagues to strive for success, each and every day. Well, studies show that wellness programs do a phenomenal job of increasing employee engagement with the company mission.

Evidence consistently shows that employees who participate in wellness programs feel a closer connection to their company, making them more motivated and focused each day, raising productivity levels, and helping them feel more satisfied with their job and more willing to work hard to keep it.

Improving Company Culture

Another interesting benefit of employee wellness programs is their ability to enhance and elevate your company culture, which is becoming increasingly important in the modern era, as new top talents and experienced workers alike are all looking to get more out of their careers, seeking workplaces that are enjoyable and comfortable to experience.
Studies and reports have shown that employees tend to favor companies that incorporate wellness programs, and those who experience the benefits of these programs each day are more likely to have a positive outlook on their company’s culture. This helps to make every worker feel valued and comfortable, while also making it more likely for your workers to refer their friends to your company too.

Attracting And Retaining Top Talent

Every employer wants to bring in the best workers to their business, and recent years have seen a big shift in the hiring process; in the past, it was up to applicants to persuade a business to hire them, but these days, we’re seeing a real role reversal, forcing businesses to compete for top talent and try to market themselves as the best option for job seekers.

Statistics show that, when looking for a place of work, the majority of people will favor companies that have wellness programs in place. Workers appreciate employers who look after their health, and many younger workers in particular won’t even apply to companies that don’t offer these kinds of programs. So not only can wellness help to bring in new talent, but also to keep that talent from looking elsewhere.

Making Employees More Adaptable

Research has also shown that employee wellness programs can help workers become more adaptable, able to handle changing conditions in the workplace more easily or take on new roles and responsibilities without stressing out. And in a world where industries are shifting and evolving faster than ever, adaptability in your employees can be a highly important asset.

An adaptable worker will be able to cope with changing circumstances without wasting time or fretting; they’ll be able to keep cool, calm, and collected when given something new to do, able to go with the flow and maintain their high-performance levels in any situation, which can only help your company in the long run.

Enhancing Productivity

There isn’t an employer on Earth who doesn’t wish for an engaged, productive workforce. Productivity means profits, and workers who produce at a higher and more efficient rate will help your company not only keep up with the competition but outdo your rivals and exceed your expectations.

Employee wellness programs have been proven to help with this, and it all ties into some of the points outlined above; programs help employees become more adaptable, more engaged, more focused, and healthier too, and all of these aspects help to make them more productive in their day to day efforts. This leads to money saved and money made for your company, providing a great ROI for your wellness campaigns.

Bringing Workers Together

Yet another wonderful benefit of incorporating employee wellness programs into your company is their power to bring people together, specifically your workforce. These programs require people to come together and get involved by their very nature, so camaraderie and new friendships are very common consequences.

As workers get involved with wellness programs, they’re more likely to engage with other colleagues, make new friends, feel more comfortable in the workplace, and develop stronger bonds with the other employees around them, helping out with team-building and fostering a spirit of cooperation and companionship that can benefit your business in more ways than one.


Overall, it’s clear to see why so many companies across the world are making employee wellness programs an integral part of their brands. On the face of it, these programs are simply designed to help workers feel healthy and happy, but when you look closer, you see that they do so much more than that. They can make your brand more attractive to new talents, improve profits and productivity levels, reduce wasted resources, and overall help your company become much stronger.

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