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Employees are still everything: how to attract the best professionals


In recent years, there has been a decline in job opportunities, and the situation has been worsened by the impact caused by COVID 19. Due to the pandemic, there has been a sharp decline in employment opportunities. But the right employees are still everything, and you need to know how to attract the best professionals!

Even with challenging market conditions, it is possible to get the right candidate to fill a position that has been left vacant. However, patience and research must be essential for a company to get a qualified and professional employee. Take time and carry out a survey on your business requirements by gathering data and engage in detailed analysis. You can simplify the process by allowing Predictive Success bring you the right and qualified candidates to run your business.

A detailed analysis is crucial since business trend keep evolving and changing and you therefore need to be informed on new business practices and developments.

Employers find themselves in challenging situations when shortlisting candidates since those that qualify are too many, and thus making a choice becomes difficult. You may only have one job opening but find more than 100 qualified people applying for that single slot.

Where do you begin when selecting the right applicant for a position?

Step one: Determine your needs.

When a position falls vacant, the first mistake we do is quickly find a replacement without analyzing the type of person qualified to fill the post. The first step to take is to analyze the job description and the best skill set needed. Before settling on a candidate, ensure that you analyze both the hard skills and soft skills needed for the position.

This will ensure that the winning candidate will be adequate for the position and will not struggle to fit in.

Step two: Design a recruitment strategy.

First, engage in the rigorous process of advertising the post, sifting through the myriad of applications and then shortlist the best. It is however, advisable to source for a replacement from within the organization before advertising externally. This can be a good way to reward and promote a hardworking junior staff since they have knowledge on the job description.

Sourcing for a replacement from within can be an advantage since it will eliminate expenses on the recruitment process, which in turn will save the company revenue. Additionally, other employees will get the motivation to work more diligently when they see their colleagues being rewarded.

Alternatively, if none of the internal employees matches the job description, try to network from colleagues, business associates, or from referrals before holding public advertisements. A qualified and competent candidate may arise from a recommendation from a business associate. If all fails, then it may be inevitable that you spread your wings and search externally.

From the data gathered, come up with a job description and ensure that it is detailed in outlining all the requirements and qualifications for the job posting. To entice brilliant applicants, explain the vision, mission, and resolutions of the company, to ensure candidates know exactly what to expect. Share a link to your website and outline goals and where the company hopes to be in the next five or ten years. This will motivate ambitious candidates to apply, aiding your company to get valuable employees.

Research on the best places to place your vacant position offers. If job boards have not been effective, consider using other channels such as the local media or advertising agencies.

Step three; Hire swiftly. 

Have systems in place so that shortlisted candidates get an evaluation and the best candidate picked in the shortest period so as not to lose them to your competitor. Employers should entice professional and qualified candidates with the right salary package with bonuses and good job performance incentives. Rewards and incentives will motivate them to work hard and increase efficiency and productivity for the company.

Step four; Keep them inspired. 

Encourage new employees by allowing them to make a decision and exercise their abilities. It may be a welcome surprise when they devise changes that will improve efficiency and increase profitability for the company.

What benefits are there in hiring the right candidate?

It is paramount that you hire the right candidate for the correct position as not doing so can be detrimental to the company’s success and may even lead to the collapse of a business that has taken you years to build.

Employing the right person will save you time concentrating on the core task of running your business and not supervising incompetent employees. Qualified staff will take a shorter time carrying out tasks since they know what to do and what to expect. Seasoned employees will ensure the company makes a profit and will have opportunities to expand within a shorter period.

Incompetent employees will have to be replaced while wasting time and resourcing in getting a replacement.

Employing qualified employees will reduce employee turnover in your company, saving you time and money. Retaining employees for extended periods will ensure that your operations are carried out by an experienced workforce, which will increase efficiency and, ultimately, expansion.

The process of recruiting staff can be draining and time consuming, and therefore employers should strive to reduce work turnover in their establishments. ways to assist you minimize employee turnover.

  • Applaud and reward employees by giving incentives such as sponsorship for courses, bonuses, increment in salary and incentives. This will keep them motivated, and their loyalty will make them work hard.
  • Give employees an opportunity to express themselves using their capabilities and talent. Allow flexibility in the workplace and enjoy the positive impact it will have on your company.
  • Set competitive salaries and pay employees their true worth as a way to motivate creativity and hard work. Low wages will demoralize a gifted team which in turn will affect output and productivity
  • Create opportunities for employees to be promoted. Ensure that when there is a vacant position, first shortlist from within the organization. This is a good strategy for employee retention.


Effective and successful recruiting process is a blend of both science and skill. It entails engagement in a recurrent process that should be reliable and transparent. In addition, creativity will ensure you get the most qualified candidate for the vacant position.


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