Employment lawyer qualities to consider when choosing


This guide outlines the 10 top things you should look for in an employment lawyer, before you appoint one.

Finding a good and trustworthy employment lawyer can be challenging. They are responsible for ensuring the law is dutifully upheld as they handle your case. They must also be capable and experienced in handling suits that cover discrimination, abuse, injury-related, illness, and other related complaints.

If you’re facing an employment dispute and you’re lucky to live in Sydney, you need to connect with a good employment lawyer. However, do not hire the first one you see. Choosing the one to represent you legally must be done in careful consideration. They must be reliable, experienced, and great communicators.

Employment lawyer qualities to look for

There’s more to consider. Read on for the ten qualities to look for in an employment lawyer.

  • Good Reputation

A good reputation often precedes any good lawyer. If you’ve heard great reviews and feedback about them, they’ve probably proven their worth many times over. If your lawyer is spoken highly of by other clients, companies, and attorneys, your case is likely to be successful. 

Getting the correct type of lawyer who can help you handle your case from the start is the best thing to have. The law contains different legal professions, and depending on specific needs, different types of lawyers are advised to handle unique situations.

A reputable employment lawyer has experience and knowledge, and they can be able to settle your case outside court if you and your other party agree.

  • Honesty

An employment lawyer with this character trait will be able to tell you where your case falls, whether it’s a success or failure. They should be realistic and transparent about everything that concerns your issue, including the cost you have to pay, the probability of your success, and all the risks involved in your case. 

An honest employment lawyer Sydney should always give straight professional advice to their clients and not sugarcoat the hard truth.

  • Experience

Perhaps one of the most invaluable tools of an employment lawyer is experience. Those who’ve represented similar cases as yours, and provided great outcomes for previous clients, should be your top pick as an employment lawyer.

Not only that, their experience and expert advice may help you in difficult situations. For instance, if you’re experiencing unwanted sexual advances from your bosses or colleagues, an experienced and good employment lawyer may tell you exactly what to do if you’re being harassed.

Well, it’s okay to question how many years they’ve been in their career to be sure whether to hire them or not. The more years your employment lawyer has been in the market, the higher the chances of having a successful case.

  • Supportiveness 

As we all know, every client has their own needs and goals, and an employment lawyer should be supportive. The lawyer should take your case, understand it, then create a compelling legal argument. 

This trait is important because you don’t want your lawyer to jump to conclusions without listening to your side of the story and what you want at the end. They should be sensitive to your account.

  • Availability

You won’t be your lawyer’s only client, but you’re entitled to receive your feedback on time. A lawyer should be available to all his clients. He should care about your case and its progress. During trials, you will be needed in court, and your lawyer should be the one who informs you of the progress earlier.

  • Research-Based

An employment lawyer should treat each case as a unique one and tackle it with the same energy. They should prepare and research the case critically to ensure to have enough knowledge to handle the matter. Your employment lawyer should request documents or footage evidence to know more about your claims and how to defend you properly.

  • Good Communication Skills

An employment lawyer should have strong communication skills because rules and law tend to be confusing. Great lawyers are able to clearly explain the case to their clients in a language that they can understand. They will work you through the process to provide the necessary information.

  • Preparation

Preparation is consistently among the good traits of a good employment lawyer. They should always be prepared because of the lot of work they do on behalf of the clients. Whether during the hearing, writing, or judgment, an employment lawyer has to commit to a lot of work. Being prepared means being able to state the facts and that your file holds evidence that will ensure a happy ending.

Because the client expects an excellent ending to the trial and has confidence that he has experienced, the lawyer should prepare earlier and be ready to meet the defense team heads-on.


It’s advised to work with a lawyer who can efficiently work under pressure and adapt to any situation that presents itself. For instance, if the defense attacks him with random questions or accusations. A lawyer with this trait should be able to quickly create an argument to defend his client, thus portraying their knowledge of the subject being handled. 

However, this can be doubtful at times, but it’s your word against your defense team on trial, so it’s up to you to know how to defend yourself better.

  • Organized

A good employment lawyer should be organized. They should be able to give reliable advice to the client concerning the case timeline and what should be discussed. As the case grows, the file piles, and it becomes complicated to handle every document. That’s why you need an organized employment lawyer who will be able to arrange his files to avoid confusion.


The outcome of your case is partly determined by the qualities of your lawyer. Even if the odds are stacked against you, experienced ones will be able to align the case in your favor. There are lawyers who embellish their portfolios just to be hired, and that’s why it’s best to dig in for details, research them, ask around, and ask them questions about their careers.

Finding a good employment lawyer is a challenging task, but not impossible. Remember the qualities mentioned above to ensure success.


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