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Energy usage in the ecommerce industry


In a time where energy and environmental damage is a huge topic in the news and an area of major focus, it is important for businesses in all industries to consider their own power consumption. While there are certain industries that are worse than others, it will take a collective effort between both businesses and individuals to make a positive change and slow down damage done to the environment.

Ecommerce startups

Ecommerce startups are one of the most popular business types amongst entrepreneurs and it is easy to see why. This is an industry that is undergoing extraordinary growth currently as people prefer to do their shopping online. Not only this, but for an entrepreneur these operations can be relatively straightforward to set up and operate. While they may not use as much power as other types of startup business, there will still be relatively high energy consumption especially when you factor in packaging and shipment.

Much like all businesses, an ecommerce business will use energy through the business premises which is likely to include high electricity consumption for running and maintaining the operation. If it is a large operation then there may also be storage to consider which will also use up a fair amount of power.

Increasing efficiency

So, how can businesses increase efficiency? Fortunately, there are many different ways that a business can be more economically friendly. This could include increasing the amount of recycling that is done, cycle to work schemes, using energy efficient appliances, going paperless, switching to alternative energy and encouraging remote working. You can also show staff how to be more energy efficient by turning off devices and lights when not in use. A small business can also benefit from using a 6kVA generator from somewhere like SGS as these are more efficient than many other alternative products.

Ecommerce improvements

For commerce businesses specifically, it is important to think about using environmentally-friendly packing materials as this will be a major part of your business operation. Eco-friendly packing includes corn starch, paper, cardboard and polyethylene bubble wrap. It is also important to select vendors which are eco-friendly so consider suppliers in your local area (to reduce travel costs) or find suppliers that have a focus on being environmentally-friendly.

Now is the time for businesses to take action when it comes to being environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. This is true for businesses of all sizes and in all industries and there are many different ways that this can be achieved. For startups, it is important to get the operation set up in an efficient manner so that you can run an eco-friendly operation from the start. A large percentage of today’s startups are ecommerce companies and there are a few aspects to keep in mind when setting up this type of company.

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