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Entrepreneurship and schmoozing go hand in hand


Schmoozing and selling — whether product or service — believing and having the confidence in oneself, is what we entrepreneurs do. Are we born, is it in our DNA. Are we made that way, can we be trained … or is it a combination of nature and nurture? Either way, when we get there, how do we find the balance from workaholic to having freedom, flexibility, minimal stress and enjoyment in life. It’s not easy, and the statistics are grim…80% crash and burn. It took me almost half a century to get the balance right.Here are just a few key elements in areas I’ve found to be invaluable.

Don’t listen to friends and family

With all good intentions, more often than not, they will inundate you with a myriad of reasons as to why you shouldn’t start a business. Their negativity will drag you down and you will start to question your intentions. They will never be entrepreneurs for the very same reasons. Listen to someone who’s already been there and who is successful. Why would you listen to someone who’s never done what you are about to take on.

Look after your team

Taking care of star employees and others whose assistance and expertise you will require on your entrepreneurial adventure is an integral part of business that is often overlooked.Your team is your most valuable asset. Gift giving, and not always monetarily, is rewarding for both and can significantly benefit you from a public relations perspective, extracting mileage and credibility from your good deeds.

Keep your staff in the loop

Talking to your employees about what’s happening in your business in good times and bad is integral to your success. Be open and honest. They will appreciate it and as a team you can work together to achieve greater results. Failure to communicate to your staff and your customer base is inherently one of the worst mistakes entrepreneurs make.

Deal with stress

Work why and address it as soon as possible. Don’t allow it to fester. It’s not good for your health or your business. Focus on key issues, addressing them should be your first priority.

Budget carefully

Budgeting and using funds constructively and wisely is key. Growing and building your business may mean that sometimes there’s funds and other times not. Live within your means.

Don’t take no for an answer.

Just get on with the job and finally, how easy is it to overlook the obvious, logic and common sense. Leave the fairy tales behind as you walk out the door and most of all, enjoy and have fun along the way. You are in charge of your own destiny. I truly believe hard work pays off and is the key to success – it has for me and when success comes, freedom, flexibility and reaping the rewards are endless.

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About Lynne Champion

Lynne Champion -- entrepreneur and author (Champion Tales – The men I’ve loved and the jails I’ve been in) –has been entrepreneur from age 22. Without training and little education she’s managed to morph into many a career from chef, bed and breakfast owner, restaurateur, costume jewelry designer, fashion designer, Australian clothing manufacturer, fashion retailer, interior decorator, preparing homes for sale, runner up Masterchef USA, and most currently as the most lucrative airbnb property owner in Australia.

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