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Excelling at industry events: How to make your business stand out


When you’re busy running your own business, it’s often hard to manage the day to day operations and promotions at the same time. But any woman in business will agree, that it’s the promotions that will push your business forwards. So it’s vital to put some emphasis on boosting your business and driving your operations at the same time. Although you have a wealth of options at your fingertips here, one of the more traditional methods that can help you stand out is attending events. Having a prominent presence at key events within your industry is crucial if you want to make waves. So let’s take a look at how you can excel at events.

Have a purpose

To start with, you need to be able to have a purpose. Just attending the event isn’t enough — not if you want to get something out of it. So, you need to work out exactly why you should and want to attend, and figure out your purpose for being there. When you’re able to work out what you should get out of attending the event, you will have some aims that you can start working towards with your preparations, and of course, aim for when you are there.

Know who’s attending

Next up, you should aim to figure out exactly who will be attending if you can. And this can be for two reasons. Firstly, it’s worthwhile working out if any competitors will be there, and where they will be exhibiting, if they are. But more importantly, you want to work out who will be there that you can network with. You may have some prospects in your sight, or you could do some research so that you feel well equipped to connect with other attendees when you get there.

Pick a prime spot (if you can!)

Then, when it comes to planning your attendance, and actually getting there, you need to choose an exhibition stand space that you can work with. Ideally, this is going to be a prime spot. However, sometimes, the choice will be out of your hands. If you do have some influence, or you’re paying and have the opportunity to take a central location, do it. You need to make sure that you’ll get a lot of footfall and can easily be found by other attendees.

Style out your stand

But you also need your stand to actually stand out too. Just being in a good space isn’t always enough. You want to sure that you can look the part. So make sure you dress your stand to fit your brand and make the right impression. Using quality signage and materials such as print grade coreflute can definitely help. And make sure that your branding does the rest.

Put yourself out there

And finally, when you’re at the event, you need to make sure that you’re able to put yourself out there. So bring your business cards and your charming chat. You’re going to need to network with the best of them, get out there and start controlling the outcome of your visit. You have your purpose and set yourself those goals, so go get ‘um!

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