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This is why every business needs to be on instagram


For some SME’s, social media marketing can often be one of the last things they consider while running the rest of their business. There’s a number of tools and things to consider when it comes to acing and Instagram account along with other social media platforms.

Businesses and organisations all have different objectives when it comes to sharing the message of their product or service. There are 500,000,000 users on Instagram, so there’s bound to be a number of your key target audience on the app.

The first step to running a successful Instagram account is acknowledging the potential that Instagram can provide. 90% of Instagram user are under 35 years old and the top brands and businesses on Instagram have a 4.21% engagement rate. This is 58 times larger than Facebook. Those number alone tell us that there’s so much potential within social media, so why aren’t businesses and services taking the opportunity to gain more exposure via Instagram?

Many businesses are unaware of how to tackle the untapped potential in a social media campaign and the reach they can achieve. Some get overwhelmed with not knowing how to approach Instagram and then just decide that the task is too big or too hard. Where to start and what to do ae business owners major concerns. The value of social media marketing can be overlooked when businesses are invested in traditional marketing tools and engagement methods.

Instagram is a great platform to grow a business, and with a few hours and resources dedicated to running an account, results and click-through from an audience are very likely to increase. While the task of putting hours and resources into an Instagram account or campaign may seem tiresome, the exposure and engagement businesses can get from a great Instagram presence is second to none.

There are three important things for businesses to consider when approaching Instagram:

Know your brand, look and feel

– No Instagram is successful without a continuous theme and branding. Your tone of voice, images and feed should be a continuous theme. Remember to think beyond your ideal customer as your audience can include several audiences, not just your projected audience. 

Create quality content

– Visually appealing content is key when developing a successful Instagram account. Even if the photos or graphics are not done by a marketing team, the content should resemble what your business or brand stands for. Stock images, repeated imagery and low quality photos will not engage an audience.

Be active and engage with your audience

– It’s vital that you comment, like and respond to your audience on Instagram. Treat social media engagement the same as customer enquiries, it is vital for your reputation and brand awareness. Put a few hours aside to schedule content with  tools such as Hootsuite. This gives you the chance to engage with audience comments and feedback throughout your working week without the time indulging task of thinking of content to produce.

About Jessica Koncz

Jessica Koncz is the founder of Crave New Media a social media marketing and advertising agency located in Newcastle. They offer unique styles of content creation, videography and social media marketing for a portfolio of lifestyle and hospitality clients. Jessica has also created Australia’s first “Tinder for Food” app, Crave and has a following of 47,900 on the Instagram page Crave Newcastle.

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