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7 Things every woman business owner should know


As a woman business owner living in Florida, you likely already know a thing or two about being a go-getter. There are various regions in Florida, and all of them having thriving industries. In Miami, there is real estate, nightclubs, restaurants, and tourism. In North Florida, aerospace and agriculture are some of the bigger industries. Whether you are fresh out of school or coming from a successful career, any woman going into business for herself in Florida definitely knows what’s in store. Here are the seven most helpful things that every female business owner should know before signing a contract, entering into a commercial lease, or buying a piece of merchandise.

1. There are grants geared toward woman business owners

Of course, when you go into business, you have to complete a lot of groundwork. First, you might want to form an LLC in Florida so that you can maintain reasonable tax rates and limit your exposure to lawsuits. You will also be concerned about funding, particularly if you are heading a business that is going to need a lot of money to be launched. What many women business owners have as an advantage is the fact that some grants  are geared specifically toward them. Some grants are industry specific, but the majority have solely been earmarked for women hoping to make their businesses flourish. You can look up these women business owner oriented grants online, apply at your convenience, and perhaps gain some extra funding to help keep your business up and running. Aside from this, there are several firms like Lending Valley that provide small business loans for women.

2. The gender pay gap doesn’t have to follow over to business

It is a fact that there is a major pay gap that exists between men and women in the U.S. Most industries tend to pay men more than women, regardless of experience or tenure. However, this pay gap truly only exists for employees. So, if you are a woman business owner, you can make just as much money – and even more – than your male business owner counterparts. In essence, to form an LLC in Florida you just need the drive, direction, and determination. Women are becoming more likely to own their own business in Florida and beyond, so if you are hoping to close the pay gap, then you can do so while also owning your own company.

3. You will always be your best spokeswoman

When your company is in its infancy, you have to be a quick study. Regardless of how good your business ideas are, you need to find your voice in order to find your footing. Know that you will always be your best spokeswoman and that there is no need to be modest, coy, or humble. People will respect you for talking about your company in a positive and ambitious way. Be outgoing, always ready to hand out a business card, give information on your company, and attend networking events. The long story short is that you are your best spokeswoman.

4. Forming business relationships with other women is crucial

No one single person or entity outside of your company is going to be more invaluable than the next. At the same time, forming strong ties and relationships with other women business owners is a great strategic move. You will have a single commonality, even though your business allies will otherwise be diverse. This will help you to form partnerships with women in business that are long-lasting without being overly competitive. You can safely share information amongst yourselves without fear of sabotage.

5. Any setback you face will teach you a valuable lesson

All business owners have to face hardship, obstacles, and setbacks. It is normal and part of the process. You can use any adversities that you face as inspiration to try harder, think more critically, and be proud of what you have been able to accomplish. This can be true for both men and women, but you are going to have a unique experience regardless. Take nothing for granted and keep looking to fulfil your dreams as a woman business owner.

6. Being a woman in the business world can be an advantage

There is truly no difference in the way that a company is headed or run by a man versus a woman. Coincidentally, outside sources might be inclined to think otherwise. You can use this misconception to your advantage. Think to when you were just beginning to look at information on how to start an LLC in Florida. Everyone started off at the same level within an even playing field. Some business owners will undoubtedly do better than others, with only the best remaining in operation for years and growing exponentially. If you are a woman in the business world, then you know that reality is soon to set in.

7. You were made to succeed

Sure, women face a different reality in every facet of life compared to men. You might end up starting a business at the same time that you raise children. People might sometimes mistake you for the wife of the business owner instead of the head of your company. But being a woman business owner also means that you have already seen and experienced it all. It won’t be the first time that your accomplishments are minimized, or that you have to really advocate for yourself in order to be heard. In fact, if you do choose to start a company, you can firmly proclaim that you were made to succeed.

More women are going into business, and they are doing quite well. There are fewer things to hold women back from starting up their own companies. In fact, there are finance companies, marketing firms, and business coaches who have all become successful by catering to the woman business owner niche. Find a way to shine as a woman business owner and entrepreneur by never selling yourself short, doubting your skills, or believing that anything isn’t possible.

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