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Expand your business space without blowing the budget


Finding a business space that works is half the battle when you’re getting off the ground. In the early stages, money may be hard to come by, and you do your best with what you have. But, what happens when your business starts to grow? It’s what we all want, but it comes with problems. With that growth can often come the need for more colleagues, and also the need for more stock. Not taking these steps could lead to letting your customers down, which is not what you want!

You need to do everything possible to ensure you keep up with demand. It’s still early days, after all. Letting customers down now could reflect poorly on where your business goes from here. But, relocating shouldn’t be your first option. The costs of renting a larger space could still outweigh your profits.

Plus, relocation could lead to lost custom. You’re established where you are. Customers know where to find you, and you’ve got things running like a well-oiled machine. The good news is, you don’t have to change your space to grow your business. You just need to know how to make the space you have work! Here are a few ideas about how to do that.

Make the most of the existing space

It should go without saying that you need to make the most of what you have. The area may have worked well for you and the colleagues you had. As you employ more staff, though, you’re going to need to shuffle things around. This is a hard thing to get right. There’s no denying that space is going to get tight. Make sure it doesn’t get so tight that your colleagues become unhappy! Look at the area you have a consider how best to arrange the desks. If you have large areas of free space, think about how to use them. They may not be large enough to fit a desk itself, but moving the desks could mean using the space in a more efficient way. To avoid ruffling feathers, ask for suggestions from your colleagues. That way, they’re more likely to be happy with the decision you make.

Designated areas

Another way of making the most of what you have is to set designated areas. How well you can do this will depends on the nature of your business. Attempt to have designated areas for office work, production, and meeting with customers. This will save anyone treading on each other’s toes. It will also ensure that the space continues to work for you, even as you grow. It will split the office up, and save people from trying to work in one space at the same time! Consider ways you could divide the space. You could arrange the furniture to distinguish the areas. Or, you might want to invest in wall partitions. Bear in mind, though, that these will take more of the space you’re trying to save,

Branch out online

We all know how important an online presence is for any business. But, have you considered how focusing on the online aspect could help you grow without moving? Getting your business on the web will bring you a lot of new custom that you may not get otherwise. And the best part? They’re virtual customers! You want to keep customers coming in of course, but when space is tight, it’s not always practical. That’s why the internet can be a lifesaver. Make sure you do it right by getting to grips with web hosting. Find out all you need to know from reading pieces like this comprehensive guide. Once you’ve done your research, you should have enough knowledge to get started. There may be a small start-up cost, but your online presence will soon start paying for itself. It’s also worth putting in the extra effort to set up an online shop. That way, customers can buy from you without ever visiting your store!


If possible, consider hiring freelancers. That way, the work gets done without adding more physical bodies to your team. Freelancers will work from home, then send you what they’ve done. If you prefer, they could come into the office once a week or so. Even so, the fact that they’re not there all the time will take a lot of pressure off! Of course, not all jobs can be done from home. Think about which jobs could work out of the office. Web management and marketing material are good examples.

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