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In the noisy, ever-scrolling world of social media, where everyone and their grandmother claims to be a “guru” because they have a social media account, it’s time to be frank: social media strategy isn’t about posting daily, creating flashy reels, or chasing the latest fly-by-night trend.

Contrary to what most articles will tell you, and despite the fact that many brands have been approaching their social media this way for years, the truth is that social media requires a more nuanced, strategic approach.

I know—boring, right? 

But you know what’s really boring? Spending years on your social media, falling into the same old traps, and having nothing to show for it, day in and day out.

That’s not just boring. It’s exhausting and expensive. Let’s not do that, shall we?

Social media content creation tips

So, let’s be smarter and serious about our content. Here are my top six tips for creating content in 2024—and a few hard-hitting truths along the way.

Social media is a privilege, not an after-thought

First things first, let’s set the record straight: social media is a privilege. If you’re a startup or a small business, it’s your golden ticket to rub shoulders with the bigwigs of the business world, all in one scroll. It’s like standing on the same supermarket shelf as the industry titans.

The opportunity is gigantic. So, the million-dollar question is, why do so many brands leave their content to the last minute or treat it as an afterthought, a box to check when everything else is said and done? In 2024, take it seriously. It’s where David can challenge Goliath and where strategy and innovation, not just size, rules the day.

Your brand strategy and values matter 

You should know what kind of social media content to create for your brand, and it all starts with a rock-solid strategy and values. So, if you’re shooting from the hip and posting whatever comes to your mind or if you’re constantly trying to think of things to post, it’s time for a strategy.

I’m not talking about planning each post and knowing what you’re going to post in 12 months time, that would be ridiculous. I’m talking about having a clear sense of purpose, understanding your audience, and knowing how your content fits into your brand’s story.

What story are you even telling? Do your last few posts align with your values and help you to tell that story? Enough is enough, let’s get strategic. Let’s align our content with our brand’s values and objectives.

Let’s create social media content that resonates, engages, and builds a meaningful connection with our audience. It’s not about being robotic; it’s about being strategic. Just like you would be with any other aspect of your business.

Content is key but make it actually watchable

‘Maximising the opportunity’ doesn’t mean posting social media content as many times as possible just because you can. Gone are the days when you could spray and pray with content, hoping something would stick. It’s the content itself that commands attention and how it aligns to the platform it’s being posted on. 

Think about the average person watching free-to-air TV at night (some people still do apparently). When the ad break comes on, what’s the typical reaction? It’s not undivided attention but rather a reflex to grab their phone and completely ignore the ad.

Yet, here’s the thing—many brands are still promoting their businesses on social media as if they’re the ad break that no one is watching. It’s sell, sell, sell, promote, promote, promote with little regard for what the audience wants. 

And then there are the brands and influencers who have cracked the code and the code is: content. It’s about creating social media content that doesn’t feel like an intrusion but an invitation. 

It’s not about interrupting the flow but seamlessly becoming a part of it. To truly capture attention and engage your audience, your social media content must be compelling, tailored to the platform, and provide genuine value.

If you wouldn’t spend five minutes watching your content back catalogue or reading your posts, you’ve probably got some work to do. In 2024, relying on old photos won’t cut it. It’s got to be about the content and consistently creating content that speaks to your target audience.

Choose the right social media content platform

No, you don’t need to be everywhere just because everyone else is. Select platforms that align with your brand’s target audience and goals, while also considering your capacity and resources.

Having a LinkedIn company page that is dormant and gathering dust, for example, does more harm than good. To know what platforms to use, we need to understand the difference between them and how consumers use them:

  • Instagram – it’s all about the visual appeal and connection 
  • ⁠⁠Facebook – community connection ⁠⁠and high value information 
  • ⁠⁠Youtube – raw & honest, first hand experiences⁠⁠ – exclusive behind the scenes 
  • ⁠⁠Pinterest – try this one at home ⁠⁠
  • ⁠⁠LinkedIn – newsworthy, relevant (no shameless self-promotion here) ⁠⁠& high value 
  • ⁠Tik Tok – authentic day-in-the-life connections and content 

⁠⁠Not every platform will align with your brand and that’s okay! The key to an effective social media strategy is in identifying which platforms are right for you and how you can best engage with your audience on these. ⁠⁠

Know your audience segments

One common mistake in social media is trying to be everything to everyone and treating it like a megaphone. It’s a recipe for being nothing to no one and turning your audience away.

To be effective, you must understand your audience segments and how they engage with different platforms. Finding the right balance between what you want to say and what your audience wants to consume as social media content is the golden ticket.

This can be as simple as delivering a message as a reel on Instagram and a graphic carousel on Facebook, based on historical performance data that drives engagement.

Quality over quantity (say it again louder for the people up the back)

Do you find yourself posting social media content just to meet a weekly quota? Or posting something for the sake of it at 11pm? This is a mistake that can harm your brand in the long run. Quality over quantity is not just a cliché; it’s a social media strategy that works.

Forget what Gary Vee told you about posting 700 times— that only works if you’re creating content like Gary Vee, not mediocrity. The algorithm actually favours consistency over frequency. Posting high-quality, purposeful content twice a week trumps the daily deluge of crap content. There, I said it.

Build a genuine community 

Almost every brand killing it on social media right now has built some kind of community, and that creates viral growth. It could be the influencer who refers to her audience by the name ‘besties’, creating immediate closeness, or it could be the bookshop building a tribe of book-lovers who wouldn’t dare buy their books from a retail giant when they could support the people behind their much-loved book store. 

The first rule of community-building is authenticity. So, be yourself, not some corporate robot spitting out marketing jargon. Communities are built on connections.

Engage with your audience on a personal level. Reply to comments, answer messages, and show that you care. Whether it’s exclusive social media content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or interactive campaigns, give your community something special. Make them feel like they’re part of an inside club. Community won’t work if it’s generic and doesn’t interest your audience in the first place.

Natalie Koutsikas is the founder of Digitale + The Social Club, the host of the Digitalks podcast, and is a social media expert and straight talker. 


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