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Eye problems at work can be avoided with these methods


When you need to spend time working, you don’t want this to lead to health complications such as eye problems.

In particular, it can be important for you to think about the ways that you can maintain your eyesight while carrying out your required tasks. In doing this, you may be able to get into the habit of taking better care of your workplace health and yourself overall, enabling you to not only get your work done but also enjoy the other areas of your life.

How to avoid eye  problems

Here are some ways to prevent eye problems and protect and preserve your vision:

Have an eye exam

Working long hours can lead to your eyes feeling overly tired. This can then cause other physical issues to occur. One of the ways you can help with eye strain, by reducing the eye problems symptoms or removing them altogether, can simply be by making sure you have regular eye exams. This can allow you to better understand the needs of your eyes.

After you have your exam, you may want to think about ordering a set of frames online. This could make the process easier for those who work during the same hours that opticians are often open.

Wearing your glasses as advised, such as when reading or using a computer at work, could help to stop you from getting as many headaches as you may have previously, or eye problems like feeling like your eyes sting by the end of your shift.

Pay close attention to hygiene

Some of your other hygiene choices could also have quite a large effect on eye problems and the longevity of your vision. This can include making sure that you wash your hands properly to remove bacteria, chemicals, and anything else you might have touched throughout the day.

In particular, some of the cleaning fluids you use within the office or store for utensils, facilities, or even to disinfect surfaces could potentially burn your eyes. This could even lead to permanent loss of sight. Washing hands after using any such chemical, or after having touched items or going to the toilet, can help to reduce the chances of problem substances coming into contact with the surface of your eyes. This could also be especially important if a colleague has contagious eye problems and you have been working alongside one another.

Adjust the lighting

The level of lighting within your store or office can also have quite a large effect on eye problems and the well-being of your eyes. Using a computer all day, or spending time out on the floor, could quickly lead to your eyes feeling sore and tired.

You may find that your neck aches as well. Removing any glare, as well as turning off fluorescent lighting, could help to overcome these issues. You may also want to think about ways of minimizing reflected light, such as through the use of blinds or repositioning stock. This can help you to continue working without the light affecting your eye welfare.

Take breaks

One of the most effective ways to care for your eyes when working is simply taking breaks from looking at a screen. Try to follow the 20-20-20 rule, which involves taking a break every 20 minutes for 20 seconds where you look at an object at least 20 feet away from you. After a few hours, aim for a longer break and take a stroll outside.

Try not to spend your lunch hour hunched over your phone catching up on the news, as this will only make your eyes even more tired. If possible, avoid screens once you arrive home to alleviate eye problems. While it can be tempting to sit in front of the TV in the evening, you could reach for a book or do some yoga instead. The less time you spend in front of a screen, the more comfortable your eyes will be when you do have to look at a computer.

Wear sunglasses

If you work outdoors or have to walk between buildings or run errands during your working day, you might want to bring sunglasses with you to help prevent eye problems.

Most workers don’t even think about wearing sunglasses for work, assuming they’re best reserved for their days off and time spent at the beach. But UV rays can impact your eyes after even a short amount of time spent outdoors in bright light.

If your workplace has a dress code, speak to someone in HR about the types of sunglasses that would be appropriate, but choosing an understated pair with black frames and lenses is usually a safe option.

Use safety goggles

Does your job involve you working with wood chippings or chemicals? It’s important that you wear your safety goggles whenever you’re in hazardous situations. If you do work in an environment like this, your workplace should provide you with all the protective gear you need to prevent eye problems – it’s up to you to remember to put it on.

It can be tempting to take your goggles off briefly when you aren’t actively working with harmful substances, but if you’re still inside a lab or workshop, you’re still at risk.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

When your eyes are feeling tired at work or you’re feeling frustrated and stressed, it can be very easy to rub your eyes. However, doing this regularly can cause small scratches on your eyes, which might lead to even more eye problems and discomfort over time. Not to mention all the bacteria you could be introducing to this sensitive area.

Try to use the tips above to keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable to reduce the urge to rub them. Alternatively, carry some eye drops with you for times when your eyes are feeling dry.

If you’re rubbing your eyes due to stress or because it’s a habit you’ve picked up, then try different coping mechanisms to prevent eye problems. Invest in a stress ball or try breathing exercises to overcome unpleasant thoughts and feelings.


Even in a retail role, you could face a number of problem factors each day. By considering how these may stop your eyes from functioning correctly, you may be able to put some simple workarounds and solutions in place.


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