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Have your say on female entrepreneurship with international survey


Have you started your own business in the past five years, or maybe you’re considering the entrepreneurial path? If so, you’re in good company! Female entrepreneurship rose by 45% between 2007-2012 alone.  Despite the rapid growth, entrepreneurship is still male-dominated. It’s no secret that we still need more women entrepreneurs. Just Google ‘do we need more female entrepreneurs’ and sift through the articles. The need is so strong that there’s a movement for universities to help create them!

Take the survey to help continue the rise of the ‘fempreneur’

The Fempreneur Leadership Survey is a 100% anonymous survey for fempreneurs in business for less than five years. The survey itself takes less than 10 minutes to complete. And, it will help provide the academic community with the information they need to begin developing programs for fempreneurs.

What’s in it for you and the fempreneur community if you take it?

Initial benefits for fempreneurs include greater access to evidence-based resources to grow their business, such as The Fempreneur Action Guide: How to be a Female Entrepreneur (and Rock at it). More evidence-based resources could be created to help the rise in the future!

If you’d like to request a copy of this action guide you can submit your request here.

The Fempreneur action guide will be developed using the results from the above survey and other research-based studies. It will provide you and other female entrepreneurs with tools and resources to help you build a successful and sustainable business. The guide will be published after the results from The Fempreneur Leadership Survey are reviewed.

Long term benefits of taking the survey include helping establish ‘fempreneur’ credibility in the academic world. This means more researchers will study the topic and its impact on the economy. In turn, more organizations will create resources and programs to help the fempreneur community.

What else can you do help lift up the fempreneur community?

Reach out to your local community college.

Many community colleges have workforce development programs. Ask them about their programs for women entrepreneurs. If they don’t have any yet, encourage them to create one. Community colleges are heavily invested in the communities they serve. Even if you convince them to develop a workshop about how to start a small business that helps invest in the success of our female entrepreneurs.

Become a mentor.

It’s difficult for women entrepreneurs to find female role models. If you’re in a position to mentor a fempreneur then please consider it. It’s unlikely she will ask you to take her under your wing, so reach out to her. See if she could use your support and guidance. By mentoring her, you increase the likelihood of her business success.

You don’t have to have a multimillion-dollar empire to mentor an aspiring female entrepreneur. Have you had some business successes? Share them! Start small, be a sounding board, or just be there. You never know what an impact you can have in someone’s life just by showing up.

Find a mentor.

A female business mentor can be just as valuable to you, no matter what stage of business you are in. A mentor can provide a new perspective and support. Mentors encourage you to push past your comfort zone and challenge you to become better.

Did you know that women who have mentors are more likely to create a successful business? That’s why it’s so important for women to invest in each other’s success.

Learn more about the resources available to women entrepreneurs and share them.

The SBA’s Women’s Business Center (WBC) program is one resource. The WBC focuses solely on the needs of female entrepreneurs. Whether it be by helping them find funding, or helping them write a business plan, the WBC is there for female business owners. Learn more about the WBC and spread the word.

SCORE is another fabulous resource for fempreneurs. SCORE can also help women find funding for their business. Additionally, they have great educational resources and tools to help women grow their business.

Participate in the much-needed research about female entrepreneurship.

More and more academics are becoming interested in the success of small businesses. Help them understand just how important it is to invest time and energy into women entrepreneurs. When you participate in academic research by taking surveys or just talking to a researcher you help create the programs that lead to small business success.

This is just the beginning of the rise of fempreneurs. Help build a strong and sustainable future for current and future female entrepreneurs.

About Crystal Coopman'

Crystal Coopman is a Ph.D. candidate at Grand Canyon University, studying the leadership styles of female entrepreneurs (fempreneurs) in business for less than 5 years.

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