Finding an online brokerage best suited to your needs


This concise guide outlines how to find the online brokerage best suited to your needs: beginner vs experienced investor.

Now is the perfect time to become an investor. There is high competition among the best online brokerage firms, so costs are low, and services are better than ever before even for beginner investors. However, since there’s increasing demand for online brokerage, newer firms are entering the space to capitalize on the many investors.

This makes it somewhat complex for people to find the online brokerage best suited to one’s needs — taking into account both your level of experience and the geographic market you want to invest in. How do you choose a good broker in Singaporefor example?

Choosing an online brokerage best suited to your needs

There are many factors to consider in selecting the online brokerage best aligned to your goals and situation, and your decision ultimately comes down to your priorities. Some investors don’t mind paying higher commissions for an excellent platform, while others focus on cost above all else.

What are your investment goals?

Before you sift through the companies to find the online brokerage best suited to your needs, you must understand what your investment goals are. Do you want to invest in some individual stocks? Are you focused on creating a long-term retirement account? Might you dabble in day trading? When you know the investments you want, it’s time to evaluate brokers based on these factors:


Brokers tend to have a similar menu when it comes to investment choices. They include options, individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrency, and futures. 

The investments offered dictate how much you pay in commissions. Some brokers still charge commissions to buy/sell stocks, such as per share or trade. With options, you incur your stock trade commission and a per-contract fee. Just be aware of what the commissions are and shop around to get the best deal on the things you want to invest in.


With so many brokers out there, it’s crucial to pay attention to how long they’ve been in business. While newcomers aren’t automatically untrustworthy, you must be careful. New brokerages must be regulated, and you should check to see if they’re a member of a self-regulatory body. 

Account minimums

It’s easy to find high-ranked online brokerage firms with no account minimums. However, many brokers require a minimum investment, which can start at $500 and go up exponentially from there. 

Account fees 

You’re bound to pay some fees, but you should look at minimizing them wherever possible. Most online brokerage best practice is to charge you to transfer out your cash or investments or for closing the account. If you decide to transfer to another brokerage, that company might reimburse the transfer fees.

Educational tools and features 

Those looking for online brokerage best suited to beginner investors might want to search for one that provides free educational resources. These can include glossaries, video tutorials, how-to guides, and live webinars. You should also lean toward brokers that support their clients and help them understand the risks involved.

Is online brokerage best suited to only young investors?

No, it is for everybody. But there is no denying the under-30s age group has become particularly active in investing through online brokerage. 2020 saw an increase of 67% in young adults ventured onto the stock market floor — by far the strongest increase of all age groups. In no other year since the start of the regular survey in 1997 has the data been able to measure a higher growth rate.

But where does the sudden interest of the young generation in the stock market come from? Is this due to the growing recognition that equities are almost without alternative in the face of chronic mini-interest rates? Possibly – but the era of low interest rates already began with the financial crisis, without this having given a great boost to the equity culture.

However, the corona pandemic is likely to have played a much more important role in the stock boom. After all, it has provided young investors with everything they need to get into the topic of stocks and the stock market: time and spare money. Closed restaurants, cancelled holidays, fewer shopping excesses – all this caused people to involuntarily reduce spending. According to research, the savings rate in 2020 was a historically high 16 percent. And so apparently many people used the free time in the lockdown to clean up their finances thoroughly.

Increasing digitalization is likely to have played an important role in the youth boom on the stock market. Cheap online brokerage best angled towards younger users often charge no fees or only small fees for transactions. Apps with attractive design and high functionality provide easy access to the stock market. The next stock or ETF purchase is just a few swipes away.

Saving shares appears in a new guise – and apparently hits the nerve of the times for many people. Young speculators also arrange to buy shares in forums – and thus force even professionals to their knees. Last but not least, influencers, Youtubers and Internet forums have also discovered the topic of investment for themselves.

This appeals above all to the young generation, who inform themselves there and learn about discussions with like-minded people to find the online brokerage best aligned with their needs.

However, not everyone is so open to the youth boom on the stock market. Some experts even warn against the “young savages”. They fear that the inexperienced stock market investors could fuel a so-called crash: a catastrophe bull market far away from any economic reality, which is thus doomed from the outset to failure.

Is the next crash imminent?

A year ago, the price slump began due to the pandemic, which destroyed billions in stock market values. In fact, the young investors are still facing their big test of fire: the first major crash, in their first bear market that may last for years. But history also shows that those who remain invested and stubbornly continue to save and invest are usually in a better position than before shortly after such a crisis. Because only those who invest in the long term can benefit from the interest-interest effect and increase their money.


If you’re ready to invest money into CFDs, the stock market, and more, it’s important to choose an online brokerage best suited to your goals. With so many options available, it’s crucial to know what to watch for and what you want to invest in. That way, you can make an informed decision about the online brokerage that meets all of your needs.


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