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One of the most common questions we get asked in image development sessions,

“How can I look professional without losing my personality?”

What dressing for success really means is authentic self packaging, whereby your image is a reflection of your personal brand, your personality traits, your values and your strengthens. When your image contradicts all of these things it makes it a lot harder for your message to get through and sometimes it destroys your message altogether.

Here are five ways you can express your personality through your style

1. Confident decision-maker

If your ability to make decisions is one of your strengths, the quickest way to portray this is through contrasting colour. What this creates in the brain is the perception that you stand for one side or the other and that there’s no grey area.

2. Creativity

Say your ability to think outside the box is one of your strengths, portraying that through your image is really easy. You’ve got to ask yourself, “What is my unique point of difference? Am I showing that I have the ability to think outside the norm?” This can be portrayed through unique outfit combinations, a beautiful mix of pattern, or a creative use of colour.

3. Attention to detail

The easiest and most effective way of conveying this is through a look that is aligned from top to toe. So pay attention to the details in your image. This also creates the trust in your ability to follow through.

4. Strategise and declutter

You can spot a leader a mile away because of how they subtly stand out. You can see that they belong to the group but they lead the team. The most interesting way that this is conveyed through image is through their unique point of difference. This could be a stand out colour. It could be a unique outfit combination, or it could even be a unique point of difference on your blazer. The most important part of a leader’s image, is that it sends a consistent message.

5. Approachability

In styling terms, just under your neck on your chest, is called the ‘Vital V’. When this area is closed, it is the equivalent of crossed arms in body language. So to appear approachable ensure that the Vital V is open, without revealing too much cleavage.


When you present yourself with confidence that your image is an authentic reflection of you, you have the power to influence the perception you create and be assured that your image is serving your message.


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