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How you can use fleet management technology to help modernize your business


This guide outlines how modern fleet management technology can streamline your operations, save money and keep your fleet running smoothly.

In this modern world, people can have almost anything delivered straight to their door in less than 24-hours and next-day delivery is essential. The transport industry is dense and includes all types of businesses from construction to food product companies, keeping competitive and up to date is key to keep your customers happy with the services you are providing them.

Technology, such as route planners like Locate2U, are modernizing fleet management and allowing businesses to improve the efficiency and productivity of their fleet. Also remember that whether you are running a long-haul transportation service or a simple in-town service; MC number trucking is essential.

The management of a fleet is all-encompassing and primarily consists of the optimization of costs, risks and efficiency. Managers are therefore responsible for controlling costs, reducing vehicle risks and maximizing profitability and effective management leads to better fuel efficiency, increased profits and improved customer service.

 A route planner finds optimal routes for drivers to travel to take the least time and use the minimal amount of fuel. This fleet management technology has revolutionized the transport industry by allowing planning time to be cut from hours to just a few minutes. This technology gives drivers easy to follow plans that reduce their driving time, increase overall productivity and allow more jobs to be achieved each day while cutting transport costs, with the bonus of lowering CO2 emissions; making you an environmentally conscious business, adding value to your service. 

A route planner can drastically reduce your businesses outflows of both fuel and labour simply because drivers are spending less time on the roads, also minimizing vehicle maintenance for the same reason.

 Modernizing fleet management, for example, by implementing route planning software, allows you to keep a closer eye on your drivers, ensuring maximum time-efficiency. If drivers deviate from the route or make any unscheduled stops, you will be able to track their activity, discouraging drivers from this behaviour simply because they are aware, they can be tracked. In turn, this will improve your on-time percentage, evidencing your businesses good customer service when meeting tight schedules, keeping your customers happy in a time when expectations are continually rising and customers expect more for less.

These planners will provide more accurate ETA’s for customers and allow them to receive alerts if there are delays such as heavy traffic, accidents on the road, or delays from previous stops. This limits disruption to customers days as it allows them to be aware of the most accurate time of delivery to avoid them waiting around all day.

 Good customer service, efficiency and productivity are all of a high priority within a business, however, the safety of your fleet drivers is up there as well. Fleet management is also concerned with the well-being of drivers as well as vehicles, ensuring safe driving by keeping up the maintenance of vehicles can avoid endangering driers when they are on the roads, this upkeep is minimized by the technology of route planning as vehicles will be travelling reduced distance, decreasing their wear and tear; as a bonus, reduces resources spend on equipment. 

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