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Food as your secret business weapon


We all know there are several business weapons we can rely on: confidence, knowledge, determination and a professional wardrobe are just a few of the key ones. And to those, we add food as your secret business weapon.

The importance of consuming nutritious food to help you achieve your goals should never be underestimated. Fueling yourself properly enhances the mental clarity, energy to push on, and emotional strength that it takes to trail blaze through treacherous business waters.

Eating well adds another level of control in your life that can make you feel even more confident, and boost your brain function so you can be on your A game at all times.

Think about it. When you are really focused on making your dreams your reality, you often buy a particular outfit that you think helps you look the part, or you may buy the ticket to the networking event where you want to meet specific people. Similarly, don’t deny yourself this valuable fuel element and miss out on the foods that you need to ensure you are always as sharp and engaging as possible?

Here are four sure ways to get you started on your road to wellness success.

1. Make small smart switches

For example, replace your breakfast cereal or toast to a super high fibre and low glycemic index alternative. Or remove the mid-morning muffin and have a handful of unsalted mixed nuts. Any small change for the better is better than no change at all.

2. Be selective at social engagements

When you are out at a networking event, don’t overdo it with the alcohol or on the fried nibbles. Both these options will leave you feeling less alert as a result of the chemical reactions that take place in the body as they are broken down. You are meeting people for the first time, go out and show them the best possible version of yourself!

3. Start with basics

Focus on eating more lean proteins, healthy fats and slow-release low glycemic index carbohydrates which all help either boost the hormones that are responsible for helping you concentrate, or assist with a steady supply of glucose to your brain with out the ups and downs in your energy levels. You will feel the difference in your body on the spot. Talk about instant gratification!

4. Put yourself first

If you are out with others and they want to order dessert but you don’t, say no thank you confidently. If you want to leave the side order of chips that comes with your meal and others are questioning you about this, just leave the chips and ignore the surrounding noise. In the end, we are personally responsible for what goes into our mouths; and just as you take ownership of your career decisions, make sure you carry this forth into your food and wellness behaviors too. You are a strong woman, we both know that.

So in conclusion, make sure you prioritize your food choices and select healthy options as part of your plan to success in all aspects of life. Fueling yourself optimally will leave you feeling energized, empowered, and ultimately support you in feeling and reaching your peak in your work and life endeavors.

Have you made any small changes to your diet that you have seen positive results from? I would love you to share them with us all here!

About Kara Landau

As the ‘Travelling Dietitian’ Kara continues to provide enlightening, practical and engaging nutritionally focused content in an interactive manner to promote healthy eating in a modern format to the global population. Kara is a progressive, pragmatic and infectiously passionate dietitian who assists with new healthy product development, acts as a spokesperson for food brands, and has appeared on a range of broadcast media, including: A Current Affairs, Channel 7 News, Channel 9 News, Channel 10 news, Today Tonight, NovaFM and International Radio. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as: Womens Health and Fitness, Sunday Life Magazine and Body + Soul.

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    Victoria Bonello

    October 16, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    “Food as Your Secret Business Weapon”: excellent, health content. Giving us confidence in saying no to more alcohol…we can all ask for sparkling water in champagne glasses! Also eating smaller portions…or fewer nibbles. We often eat without thinking when networking, instead think of yourself and staying focused on listening to others and you’ll be remembered! Thank you for a well written article.

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