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4 Reasons it’s time for a full SEO assessment


You’re the pro when it comes to running the business. When it comes to making the most of search engine optimization, you’re not so sure of yourself. While you’ve dabbled in the process a little and even spent time reading a FAQ about SEO, you do wonder if there’s something more that you could do.

One solution is to have a professional conduct an assessment of your online efforts. Here are some reasons why you should make that call today.

You’ve never had one before

For you, SEO has been more of a learn as you go strategy. In fact, you are just learning that there are consultants who can help with this type of thing. What would an assessment uncover about your efforts? Are they providing all the benefits that you want or is there room for improvement?

Having that first assessment can be an eye-opener. You’ll know more about what is working in terms of attracting positive attention and what may be holding you back. The good news is that along with evaluating the effort, that professional can provide some insights into how to make things better.

You’re not sure how to evaluate your efforts

You are familiar with some of the online tools that make it possible to identify keywords and learn how to use them. There are also tracking programs that you’ve looked at and gleaned some information. The truth is that you’re not sure how to use them effectively. That’s where the expert comes in.

A professional can identify online tools that make it easier to see what’s happening with your search engine rankings, organic traffic, and what traffic your ads are generating. Along the way, you’ll learn more about how to use the features in those tools. By the time the initial evaluation is done, you’ll know a lot more about how things are going and what can be done to build on any successes.

Using social media effectively is a mystery

You do have social media accounts for the business. There’s even some posts in place on each one of those accounts. What you’re not sure of is how to attract more attention to those posts. As part of the evaluation, an expert can provide some insights.

The best SEOs in Toronto will take a look at the company website, the blog, and the social media accounts. Utilizing all these resources in a unified manner can help drive more traffic to each one and make it easier to reach your targeted consumer base.

You want to improve the company’s online reputation

All your efforts should be aimed at doing more than attracting attention. When people do end up on any of your pages, they should like and trust what they see. That means investing in content that provides useful information on pages that are easy to navigate. It also means making sure that those readers can contact your business without having to jump through several hoops.

One of the suggestions that may arise from the assessment is redesigning some or all of the website pages. Fresh content, a cleaner look, and pages that load faster can accomplish quite a bit for your online reputation. If people like what they see and read, they’re more likely to share links with those in their networks.

Do call and arrange for an assessment by a professional. Listen closely to the results and consider hiring a professional to implement some of the suggestions. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few changes will make to your traffic and ranking.

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