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Gain recognition when you find your strength within


As somebody who has come a long way to eventually combine the things I love doing professionally, I am happy to share my story about finding your inner strength.

I started out as a diplomat interpreter in English and Russian, and then became a fitness instructor, freelance translator and language teacher. Then I added my qualification as a massage therapist, and today I am working internationally as an interpreter, communicator, coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator.

Finding strength within is realizing who you are

 I am writing this not to bore you with yet another account of somebody else’s professional life, but to give you an idea of what it took me to find my “inner strength” and to make a few suggestions for you to do so as well.

There are so many techniques out there, and I have pursued so many books and attended a number of classes – only to realize that the “answer“ had been there all along.

Because when I really asked myself what I loved about each one of the fields I had been working in – apart from the fact that they allowed me to live and work in Great Britain and Russia, which I enjoyed immensely, I realized it was seeing people get more confident, happier, become more alive and leave with radiant eyes after working with me.

It didn’t matter to me how I accomplished this goal – by making people realize they are better at languages than they thought, that their bodies like movement, or by making the different parties in a negotiation understand each other better. I simply realized I love facilitating people to be more of themselves! And that there are many different ways of attaining this.

Go by what you naturally and effortlessly are

 What did not help me in all the modalities I tried was a requirement to define myself and find a target group, etc. Becoming a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness allowed me to gain a very different perspective, which I now use to facilitate people in finding their voice in business.

What do I mean by that? Each one of us has a unique personality – an underlying energy if you will – and things we do naturally and with ease.

To get clear on this unique energy that makes YOU thrive and come alive, you could ask yourself: What is it that I love about any of the areas I have ever worked in? What is the red herring throughout my professional career? What is so important to me in life I wouldn’t want to do without it?

And to see which fields of expertise are truly fun for you, you might ask: What is it that I do so effortlessly that I don’t think anything of it? What do I love doing so much I could do it all day, even without getting paid? What really makes my heart sing?

Instead of talking about inner strength which implies effort and the necessity to stand up against a hostile world, I am making a case for following your inner compass of lightness.

Have your uniqueness guide you beyond any doubt

 Although it might seem counterintuitive at first, I can only say from experience that the more I based my career choices on what made me want to get up and go out there every day, the happier and more successful my (professional) life became.

This is why I want to ask you the following question: If you set aside all the expectations projected by family, friends, society, peer groups, industries, any necessity to prove anything – for or against them – if you were your own leader in your life – what would you really want to choose? What would you like to see different in your environment, your country, the world?

I strongly suggest following your inner sense of ease and lightness – which, apart from giving you a happy life, will also eventually pay more, if you are willing to get paid for something you love, of course.

Doing this has yet another great side effect – when you are being yourself, competition simply isn’t real any more because people come to YOU because of your energy, your uniqueness, your “voice.”

You don’t believe me? Well, how do you pick (and stay with) a hairdresser, for example? Do you go by location, price and availability, or is there another factor which always weighs in more than anything else? I dare say it’s the person’s personality, unique energy, their “voice,” or whatever you want to call it.

What if the only person you could compete with was you? Look to others only for inspiration – but the one person you are competing with is the you that you were yesterday. What if, only today, you could choose to be even greater than yesterday?

I can only say that the more I follow what’s true for me the more recognition I get – without relying on it as I used to in the times I was so focused on outer standards. As I follow my own “voice,” my inner knowing, any interactions become a mutually enriching experience for both parties – and there simply is no room for doubts.

What if by being ourselves we could only win?

About Corinna Kaebel

Corinna Kaebel is a professional interpreter, communicator and mentor. She is a languages teacher and interpreter with fluency in English, German and Russian. She travels the globe extensively teaching as a Right Voice for You facilitator. a specialty program of Access Consciousness. Corinna loves being on the road, exploring new places and working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Also, madly passionate about good health and energy, Corinna supports people to stay well as a fitness instructor and massage therapist. Her number one goal is to inspire, support and help people navigate their own journey with ease, grace and glory.

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