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How to generate leads for your B2B business


Online marketing may have made a lot of things possible, but it does not make B2B marketing easy. Generating leads can still be a challenge despite the various options available.

The usual channels remain on top of the list. Social media is still a great way to find what you’re looking for, especially if you focus on LinkedIn. White papers and webinars would also be among the options given if you shop around for ideas.

But the key here is not just about going along with the trends – just because one thing works for one business does not mean it will automatically work for yours. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to generate more leads for your B2B business:

  • The chunkier the content, the better.

    We’re not just talking about huge word counts here. We’re talking about really meaty content that gives so much value to readers, they won’t go anywhere else.

    These are businesses you’re trying to connect to. They would probably have their own research teams and would be careful about who they’re dealing with. The more relevant content you put out, the more you’ll come across as an industry expert and the more likely they’ll be open to doing business with you.

  • Social media isn’t everything.

    Yes, 95% of B2B marketers admit that social media is one of their primary weapons in the lead generation race. But that doesn’t mean this is the only strategy you’ll ever use.

    Keep other channels alive. Social media is a great place to boost awareness about your brand, but without research reports, product demos, free consultations and other similar tactics, your victory will be short-lived.

  • Know your audience.

    It’s one of the most tired clichés in marketing, that’s true. But it’s a line that’s repeated over and over again because failing to follow it will pave the way to failure.

    Each person in your pool of potential clients would have a different preference. Each of them would have a different set of needs. Knowing what these needs and preferences are will be your best bet in pulling those leads in.

  • Participate, don’t dominate.

    Once you find yourself in all the right groups, rubbing elbows with all the right people, you have to start making them feel your presence. Comment on other people’s ideas. Acknowledge what other people have to say.

    Of course, things can also get out of hand pretty fast if you get too excited. Don’t be too aggressive. Filter your thoughts and make sure you don’t say anything overly aggressive. Remember that you’re here to make connections – not to start debates and prove you’re right.

  • Make it personal.

    When you market your business, don’t give people generic gibberish. Remember how people have different needs and preferences? Bank on those. Talk to people in a way that makes them feel that you really know them. Give them that feeling of comfort that you feel when you’re talking to a friend. Talk about specific problems and specific solutions you can offer. This makes them trust you more, increasing your chances of closing the deal down the road.

  • Maximize your landing page.

    No matter how well you market your business, if your landing page fails to do the job, you’re back at square one.

    Minimize distractions on your page. Keep your call to action short and direct to the point. Make the lead generation process simple. People hate filling out forms, so keep your questions to a minimum. An email address is fine, but if you need more information, make sure you don’t overdo it.

  • Offer something for free.

    Even businesses love freebies. You can give potential clients free demos, or you can give them a free trial over a short period of time. You can even give them a free consultation. It’s all up to you. Be creative and original to attract more people.

Lead generation will never be easy, but you can make the process seamless. You have an entire list to follow, apply the tips in it wisely. Remember that this is just the beginning. Do it right, and you’ll have a long string of deals to look forward to from this point forward.

About Callum Mundine'

Callum Mundine is the head of marketing at Warble Media, a boutique website design agency. He is passionate about helping local small businesses achieve success with their marketing.

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