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How to generate new real estate leads


If you work as a real estate agent, then you understand how important it is to have an effective strategy for generating leads.

Lead generation is essential for finding new clients and opportunities. With the right tool, you can capture up to 500% more leads from your website use the data you collect to better understand the needs of your target audience. The greater you are at this skill, the better your career as a realtor will be.

If you’re just starting, then now is a perfect time to develop this skill. Starting on the right path by using techniques like real estate farming for lead generation will create a solid foundation for you to build from.

Women have the advantage in residential real estate because you can connect with other women, who are likely more interested in the property they’re buying than men. Use this information to your advantage and you’ll have an excellent career.

To get you started, we’ll give you some tips for real estate lead generation.


You can start by being persistent about networking. More importantly, you need to grow your professional network.

In your daily work, you likely interact with other professionals regularly. This might be anyone like insurance agents, bankers, or attorneys. There are various reasons why these fields interact with real estate, but there is a direct connection that you can use.

Building working relationships with professionals in other fields will allow you to earn referrals. You can offer to recommend their services in exchange for mentioning your name.

This means that you can earn new clients indirectly. Your connections and the people you know can be an invaluable help because the referral of another professional comes with credibility.

A potential buyer is much more likely to take advice from an attorney (even if it isn’t directly about the law) because they’re someone that can be trusted. This is why you need to develop a network and have several professionals willing to vouch for you.

Reaching out

You should also get comfortable with reaching out to potential clients.

Several buyers or sellers are contemplating a change and sometimes they need the reassurance of a good realtor to commit. You never know what to expect until you at least try and sometimes the results will surprise you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean cold-calling potential clients, but you could use this method. Instead, your outreach will come in the form of sending emails, physical mail and following up with satisfied clients.

Understanding the local area you live in will give you a better understanding of who might be wanting to buy or sell. This is achievable with frequent outreach, giving potential clients the opportunity they need to open a dialogue.

Digital marketing

Another great tactic is to develop a digital marketing strategy.

What this comes down to is increasing your exposure. Developing a professional network and reaching out to clients are great tools, but digital marketing has the potential to connect you with more people.

You can do this in multiple ways, but creating a website and posting on social media are the two best tactics. This will give you a digital platform to work from, which makes it easy for clients to correspond with you.

Creating a website is a smart idea because you can design it to suit your exact needs. You can fully display the services you offer, contact information, and use testimonies to boost your credibility.

Social media is also a great tool because many people use it daily. Someone browsing their social media feed can notice your ad and use it to contact you or access your website.

Marketing is always a useful technique and provides fantastic results. You can use it for your business to increase your client pool.

Investigate unsuccessful listings

One last tip is to keep an eye on unsuccessful listings.

Two primary situations come to mind. This includes listings that are for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) and those that have expired.

FSBO listings are great because there isn’t already a real estate agent working on the sale. This means that you have an opportunity to jump in and provide the assistance needed to move the house.

Expired listings are also relevant because it means that the house has already been on the market and hasn’t yet sold. As a result, a seller is more likely to accept your services because they’ve already been unsuccessful.

Both scenarios involve a seller unable to close a deal. You can net a new client by offering your skills and promising a sale.

Closing thoughts

Having multiple sources of new clients is essential for having a sustainable real estate career. When new clients aren’t difficult to find, you’ll be far more successful and have plenty of opportunities to make sales.

Some advice you can use to improve your lead generation includes building up your network, reaching out to potential clients, developing a digital marketing strategy, and targeting unsuccessful listings.

Learning how to find new clients can be challenging, but once you learn this skill you’ll greatly appreciate the difference that it makes. You can’t go anywhere without clients and this is why you must emphasize lead generation!

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