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Don’t we tire of hiring people and having to train them even in the basics of the business world: how to address people, business communication, workplace collegiality –even proper business attire! And let’s not get started on workplace engagement!

In a time where businesses are looking for every competitive edge, many companies are overlooking people with valuable experience.

You direct or manage your team, but it is the team that undertakes that keeps the business running. If they’re not polished and professional, don’t expect things to run smoothly.

Further, your employees are a crucial part of your branding. And when they are not up to scratch, the message they communicate to the business world is that your brand is not up to scratch either.

Employing people who already have years of experience means you don’t face having to induct them into the basics of business behaviour and communication. They will already know how to present themselves professionally.

And they will be skilled with business communication – whether written or spoken – rather than having to be given lessons in how to properly structure a letter or email or what tone of language to use.That’s the kind of business communication skill that is built through experience.

And then there is the specialist, deep knowledge of your field. Years of experience within your desired industry can’t be bought, even by the smartest recent graduates. Only time and experience can produce thelevel of industry knowledge and emotional intelligence that you need.

You can gain that elusive competitive advantage in a fast-paced business world by recruiting those who have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t — including how to work with people, clients and the wider community.The Australian Government’s jobactive initiative can find those candidates for you – and if you hire a mature age employee you could get a Restart wage subsidy up to $10,000.

As with the rest of the jobactive system, your personal provider will team with you to make sure your advertisement is tailored to attract the best-suited candidates. And there is great guidance and some fantastic case studies and articles to give you confidence in the process.

You’re not tied to the computer either, as jobactive Restart can also be managed on a handy app that allows you to create ads, shortlist jobseekers, review profiles and make contact with potential candidates – quickly and easily.

There are a range of other wage subsidies available to employers, of up to $10,000 for hiring a new employee who is either 15-24 years of age of 50 years of age and over.

The subsidies can be paid to your business in different ways, depending on what suits you best. Generally they will be paid over six months, but there is also the option of a ‘kickstart’ payment, which will pay your business 40% of the wage subsidy four weeks after you hire somebody.

Not only is it a smart human capital decision for your business to consider an experienced employee, it will also be a savvy financial investment.

For more information on jobactive Restart, visit the jobactive website.


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