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Any entrepreneur will agree, when you start down a road of becoming your own boss and setting up your very own business, it can be a daunting prospect to think that one day you may have a team of people around you that you are responsible for. Of course, getting to this stage means that you have grown your company from nothing, which is an achievement in itself. But having a team of people means you may have a completely different set of priorities. After all, the business success is no longer solely placed on your shoulders. You need a team of people working hard and doing their jobs to continue to move forward.

So many managers, directors, and business owners can struggle with keeping their employees happy. Avoiding a big staff turnover is vital for consistency and, of course, costs to the business. But how can you go about getting the most out of your workforce without having to replace existing staff? I thought I would share with you some of the top tips to help you do just that.

Provide monthly or weekly reviews of productivity

Many people love to hear how they are doing their jobs. Staff thrive on knowing where they stand regarding targets set of them and their actual achievements to date. After all, money can be a huge motivator for some people, and achieving targets and smashing goals can often mean a decent bonus at the end of it. It is in their interest to do well. So why not set up weekly or monthly meetings to evaluate your employee’s performance. You may find that these can highlight areas that need improvement as well as encouraging your team of people to really do their best on a daily basis. It is also in your interest for them to achieve their targets as subsequently, this means more revenue for the business to grow.

Set incentives to motivate your team

A lot of people love an incentive to do better. Or even achieve something. Perhaps the person with the most sales in a week get’s an extra bonus or a prize. Or the person who manages a particular project well or puts in a lot of hours will get rewarded for their efforts. Incentives above wages and any bonus can be a great way to motivate an individual and also keep team morale alive in the office.

You might also want to consider monthly and even yearly incentives to try and reduce your staff turnover rate. Recruitment costs money, and keeping good staff is much better for your business. Having incentives that are long term, as well as short term, can encourage staff to stay longer to achieve the goal and incentive you have set. Furthermore, it could also be what helps the staff to stay on working for you in the future.

Create a work schedule to make more use of time

Some people find it really difficult to work to a time, or even get the most out of the time they do have, which is why a work scheduling app or document could work really well for people. It can really prove beneficial when incorporating employee scheduling into your workplace. Figure out what sort of system or application might work well for the team of people around you. Some members of your team will like the stricter regime or timeframe. Even finding themselves more productive. Be flexible, and try different scheduling techniques to find the right one for you and the team of people around you.

Set appropriate sales goals and targets

Goal setting is essential to help an individual prioritize their workload, and also help to keep them motivated and working hard. However, any target needs to be realistic to help keep the interest of the person targeted. Of course, you always want to encourage someone to do better, but setting an unrealistic goal will only have the opposite effect on someone, and may even cause them to leave or look for employment elsewhere. Targets and goals also must be meaningful to the employee, meaning reaching a set goal or target equate to the certain amount of bonus earned, or a reward will be achieved.

Don’t be afraid to set goals and targets for your team members. Many sales opportunities require them, and it’s important to help a salesperson be more accountable for their work load. However, as previously mentioned, you can also look at reviewing these goals weekly and monthly to ensure two things. One, that the person who is achieving the targets is doing all that they can to achieve them, and two, to see if they need any further help, guidance, and tools to help them achieve their goals. Again, this all works in your favor for the business moving forward. You want these goals to be achieved.

Create plans to help them achieve their goals

Much like reviews can help, when you set a target at the beginning of the week, month or quarter, and even year, it’s worth setting some time out to sit down with the individual and devise a plan to help them achieve it. This can then be reviewed in your weekly or monthly meetings. They need to be accountable for achieving their goals, but you also need to ensure that they have the right plan, and even the tools in place to achieve them. It can also help you be more aware of whether you have set realistic targets. Plus having a fair idea of where your business will be if such targets are achieved, will help to forward future planning for the growth and success of your company.

Empower your employees

To maximize any chance of your employees working hard and achieving your goals you must empower them to do so. Empowering can mean all sorts of things, but I will explain the fundamentals for you. Firstly, you need to think about ensuring your staff are properly trained to do a job. Can they do the job you have asked of them? Training might mean knowledge on products or simply how to utilize a system, but there is nothing more demoralizing than not knowing how to do the job they have been asked of. Secondly, you need to motivate them. Not by way of incentives, but as a leader. Inspire them to do well through your words of wisdom, the meeting you hold and how you come across to them. Finally, remove ay stumbling blocks that you can to help achieve their goals.

Be approachable and easy to work for

It is also important to be approachable. Having a team of people working for you may seem daunting, and you may feel inclined to rule with an iron fist. But, you want your employees on your side, and you must always remember the golden rule. If your team work hard, reach their goals and targets, then ultimately you, as the business owner, succeed and grow your business. Try and remember and take into account the feelings of people. Remember to be a human as well as a boss.

Create a thriving working environment

Finally, think about the environment in which your team works in. Is it a nice place to work? Do you offer good facilities? Again small things like a warm office in the winter, and a cool office in the summer can be a big thing when trying to keep a workforce productive. Also consider nice break areas, places to eat and even drink making facilities. Small things can make a huge difference in your employee’s working day.

I hope these tips help you get more out of your workforce

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