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Giving your office a new outlook


The office is the number one symbol of the working world. It’s where executives in suits all come together to have long meetings and fill out reports, it’s where you the boss sit behind a desk and fire out emails and make all the connections you need, and it’s where you depend on the office layout to work for you. But is the outlook you get from your office the right one for your needs?

You’ve built up your own office, you’re proud of the space you have, but is there any chance you could do a bit of reworking to make it a more functional area? Of course there is, especially with tips like these on offer. Feel free to put them to good use within your own business.

Connecting better with your employees

Your office is made for traffic flow. In and out of the door, past the reception desk, in and out of the private cubicles, and then back and forth from the break room to everyone’s assigned desk. And because of this, it can be hard to come face to face with people – the office is made for work, and having a conversation is hard when there’s a desk wall in the way.

So to try and minimise this non-social element, why not get some made-to-measure aluminium servery windows installed in your work environment? You can fit these easily into the walls that make up your office, and that means they don’t take any more space than you can spare. One would work particularly well in the break room, as snacks or conversation or summonings to the boss’ office could filter will through the hatch!

Have the right desk chairs

If you’re asking people to be seated at desks, in front of computers, and at meeting tables for the best part of 6 to 8 hours a day, you’re going to need to make sure they’re comfortable. Your employees’ health might just be taking a nosedive because of this sedentary lifestyle, and that doesn’t make for very productive working hours.

So try to introduce regular walks around the office, just to get blood flow back into the legs. There’s nothing like taking a break away from a smartphone that makes someone willing to get back to work. At the same time, make sure you have some ergonomic chairs for your staff to use, seeing as slumping in your seat is an easy habit to fall into when you’ve been sat down for hours one end. You want people straight backed with the right eye height and distance away from the screen in front of them. Healthy workers are happy workers after all.

Giving your office a new outlook means working with the people and space you have, rather than try to fit impossible business standards in. Watch your productivity and employee satisfaction skyrocket when you make simple changes like these.

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