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The greener grass: why your marketing should be organic


It’s not some kind of holistic marketing, nor is about to switching your marketing message to appeal to the wellness crowd. Organic marketing is the opposite of interruptive marketing. Interruptive marketing stops your potential convert in their tracks and throws your message in their face. Organic marketing means that your potential convert is going to come to you of their own volition. Online, businesses are starting to realise the importance of that organic marketing. But what’s got everyone jumping on this particular bandwagon?

It’s more effective

Interruptive marketing is good at some things. When it works, it hits those people who didn’t realise your website or business was there to fulfil their needs. However, the best customers and visitors are those who already know what they want. They know their interests and they will use the internet to fuel them. Blogging is a form of organic marketing showing a great example of how it’s more effective. Sometimes, increasing your brand presence through blogging doesn’t necessarily mean creating content that’s entirely about your business. Rather, your blog content can tap into relevant subject material, providing information and advice to people who then have enough interest to check out your services and the rest of the site. Organic marketing taps into the people who are most likely to be your most valuable converts first and foremost.

It ensures quality

A big part of organic marketing is making sure that you get more organic clicks. Search engines are where you’re going to get most of those. Nowadays, the methods that search engine optimisation or SEO services use to make sure that your site gets more hits also help you create a better site. Not just a subjectively better site, but a better site that’s driven by data. A/B testing, quality content production, better metadata. They don’t just help you site gain visibility and attract more clicks. They create a site that’s optimized to be the best experience for the people on the other end of those clicks.

It’s cheaper and it lasts longer

Search engine optimisation, social media presence, blogging. They’re not necessarily marketing tactics that cost a lot. Not compared to the amount you have to invest into paid advertisements and sponsored posts on social media networks. But they’re not just cheaper, they’re cost effective. Interruptive marketing is best used for short-term campaigns getting a big buzz around a new offer or a new campaign. But for the longer-term gains of seeing your site and your brand gain prevalence, organic marketing is the key. It takes work to keep that presence and your organic relevant, but so long as you do, it’s not going to lose its place of prominence. It’s going to keep getting your clicks and keep getting your converts. Especially as social proof kicks in. The more people who click, comment, and retweet, the bigger that presence grows.

A marketing method that works better for both company and consumer, while lasting longer and costing you less. It’s easy to see the appeal of organic marketing. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen the results to justify your budget, you might have to stop interrupting people and let them come to you instead.

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