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Growing trends in mobile app development that could boost your brand


Mobile apps have become much more accessible and achievable for small and medium businesses to develop, allowing them to target their client demographic and engage a customer base that is increasingly moving to mobile first for search and purchase, so mobile app development is something you should explore to boost your brand.

After it turned out that there are more mobile devices than human beings on this planet, it became apparent that the whole business world is trying to grab even a tiny share from the market. A couple of thousands of apps are released every single day on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, meaning more and more mobile app developers are involved by the minute.

Growing trends in mobile app development

So what are the growing niches in mobile app development, and where do you even go to find a programmer for an app? Let’s dive in.

Artificial Intelligence – the future is here

AI is taking the tech world by storm — and although AI isn’t a brand-new technology, it’s finally being used by regular mobile device holders this year. The artificial intelligence industry will reach $40 billion in 2021.

Which are the main applications of AI?

Since the core of AI is machine learning, more data will equal more accurate results. Artificial Intelligence is incredible at predicting events. Some of the industries it covers are:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Security
  • Manufacturing (and many more).

If you want to create an AI-based app, you should probably hire top mobile app developers, as AI tools are complex to develop.

E-commerce apps

More businesses are going down the self-run e-commerce route, dropping their Amazon or eBay accounts for a custom website to peddle their products. However, there is a growing demand for experts who can create self-run e-commerce apps that do everything from retailing and selling to registering and shipping, thus creating a need for an app developer for hire. The experience and know-how of that professional can cut costs dramatically.

Mobile wallets

When almost everyone and everything is online, the need for mobile wallets has never been greater. Businesses seek to hire an app development team for an easy and efficient way to conduct business transactions, provide customer service, and expand their reach.

Cloud Integrations

Today, you can integrate any database into the cloud platform of your choice. You just have to hire mobile app developers, and they will do the rest. Integration platforms like Zapier, Integromat, and Tray are great at merging tools to provide automation for businesses.

Where to find app developers?

In the article on Topflightapps on how to hire a mobile app developer the company covered various options and their pros and cons. But before getting started, you should consider your options and the type of app you desire. Sometimes, you will have a great idea that cannot be executed. Should that mean that you should abandon your project? Not at all! You should simply look for another developer (or an agency) that can be there for you.

How to hire an app developer in the USA? In general, there are three main options: word of mouth, job marketplaces, and niche social networks (like Reddit and StackOverflow).

Word of Mouth

When you begin searching for a mobile application programmer, it’s essential to start by asking around. See if any of your friends or business contacts know of any programmers who could potentially be a good fit. You can also ask if they have had experience working with mobile app developers in the past; if they have, ask for their recommendations and warnings. Before you hire a programmer, read reviews and look at other people’s projects.

Job marketplaces

While it’s a good idea to use marketplace platforms like Upwork and Toptal to find a developer for your mobile product, you should always check the relevant skill sets needed to create your app. For example, suppose you want to develop an e-commerce application. In that case, a developer with experience building apps for Shopify or WooCommerce might be a better fit than one whose skills are primarily related to developing mobile wallets.

Niche Social Networks

If you want to grow your app development progress faster, it helps to have a team of developers who have experience with building and scaling apps. You can find top-notch talent on niche social networking sites like Quora and Stack Overflow or in Reddit groups. With a community of experienced programmers, you can work on innovative ideas faster than ever before.


There are many ways to find a programmer for an app and it is up to you to choose the way that fits your company most. You should find a programmer who is aware of the curent security concerns around mobile apps, and make sure that your app complies. Mobile apps that secretly collect the position data of their users or that contain malware instead of the promised function do not come from dubious sources. They were mostly downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Market and slipped through the security checks on the app platforms.

Google and Apple are now tightening their controls. With Bouncer, Google is using a security service for Android Market that automatically checks all new and existing apps as well as the developer accounts in Android Market for signs of malicious programs.

In accordance with the guidelines of the App Store, Apple checks every app before it is released to users and now wants to tighten its requirements, for example, for app access to the user’s address books. Nevertheless, there will certainly be applications in the App Store in the future that want to spy on users. The users themselves are often not aware of the risks that the permissions requested by an app can entail and, without much thought, confirm the access authorization when installing Android apps.

Additional app checks are useful. Before a new app is released for operational use, an internal check should therefore be carried out to determine how secure the app really is. There are various sources of information and tools that can increase security when using apps.

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