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Guard your staff – and bottom line – against office back pain


Back pain is one of the most common reasons office workers give for calling in sick. Indeed, thousands of people do it every single year, and it’s something that doesn’t have to happen. As an employer, you are responsible for giving your staff everything they need to perform their jobs. So, maybe you’re not doing enough to help your workers maintain perfect health. Spending eight hours each day sitting at a desk is going to place a strain on any human body. Those with preexisting conditions are going to suffer most. So, do everyone a favour and put some of the tips from this page into action. These ideas are guaranteed to reduce sickness levels and increase productivity at the same time.

Encourage people to spend their breaks away from their desks

As a boss, you have to work hard to ensure your employees follow the right practices. You don’t want them to experience back pain, and so you should encourage them to spend time away from their desks. They obviously can’t do that while they’re supposed to be working. However, I’ll bet many of them sit at their desks during their breaks, right? That is something you should discourage as much as possible. Tell them to go outside or walk around. The employee could cause damage to your equipment if they spill anything, but the main reason related to physical health. Getting up from their chairs and walking around is going to make their bodies feel much better.

Ensure all team members get essential training

Even in an office environment, you need to provide lots of training for your employees. That includes things like manual handling that could stop back injuries from occurring. According to Work Active and their competitors, almost 50% of small business owners don’t arrange those courses. That means they are taking an unnecessary risk with their workers. If anyone in your business might have to lift a box off the floor or carry anything, manual handling training is critical. Indeed, the employee might even have grounds to seek compensation if they become injured and you didn’t provide that education.

Buy the best ergonomic chairs and office equipment

You need to take a look at the furniture in your room. Is it designed to stop people from getting a bad back? No? Then you need to make an investment in something better. There are lots of desks and chairs on the market today that make use of ergonomic design. Most of them are going to help you to increase productivity. They usually cost a little more than traditional products. However, they are worthy of the expense because they contribute towards distributing weight and stress. That means your team will become considerably less likely to feel pain and discomfort during their working day.

Employers who don’t take these issues seriously will always have to deal with more employee sick days than those who do. At the end of the day, you should want your operation to become as productive and profitable as possible. That is never going to happen if you’re constantly in court dealing with injury claims based on the terrible furniture you provided for your team. Use your head, make an investment, and sort it out today!

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