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A quick guide for hospitality, cafe and restaurant start ups


Starting up in hospitality can be a hard chore — especially if you don’t have much previous experience. If you haven’t got the skills required for this career, it’ll soon become apparent. But for those who are trying to break away from the job they’re working in and start up by themselves, here are a few tips…

Take away the good ones

You will know which staff you are working with are the good ones or the ones that are just there for a ride/the money. You will have worked out the ones who are crucial to the business, the ones who put in all of the hard graft to keep it afloat – to keep the ones who work less hard in a job. These are the ones that will stay until the job is done and make sure that everything is executed to the best of their ability. The ones who provide the great customer service and are able to leave their personal life at home. These people are rare – and if you know one, grab them as soon as you can to come with you on your venture. Being able to trust a member of staff in the beginnings of a business is invaluable.

Be kind to your staff

Hospitality is not a kind business to be in. The hours are long and you are criticised from every angle. Whether you are starting up a café, a restaurant, a pub or a catering business, you need to be prepared for what’s to come. With the invention of review sites like TripAdvisor, the public are becoming more accustomed to voicing their opinions and having them heard. One bad review can offset 100 good reviews. Your staff will most likely take the brunt of this, so be as kind to them as you can – more can be found on this at – we’re only human after all.

Have everything in order

Being organised is one of the most important things you need to be when starting off on your own. You’ll need to have everything in order; accounts, directives, even a navigable till or POS system as can be found at If it’s easier for your staff to do their job, this will reflect with the customers. If, however, those under you are finding it hard to process a simple order, this can have an immediate backlash on them, and by association, you.

Test everything, again and again

Had good standards when you started off? Great! Keep trying them each week to ensure that the food and service that you are providing is still of the same fantastic quality. It’s easy to become complacent, and especially so in the hospitality industry. Praise is important, but so is criticism. Don’t be afraid to let your staff know when something isn’t of the quality that you expect. It’s your business on the line – not theirs – and you should be doing everything in your power to keep it thriving. If this means constantly testing, then so be it.

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