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So Gwyneth Paltrow copied Alicia Keys? No surprise


As a business woman you will find yourself being copied. A lot. And sometimes that can be a concern, but at other times … well, imitation is supposedly the sincerest form of flattery.

Whether it’s an idea you have and shared with someone you thought you could trust, or simply someone ripping off your brand but tweaking it enough to be different — as was the case with Sheryl Thai from Cupcake Central — you will find that being a entrepreneurial woman is a hard (and often lonely) slog.

But if you think about it strategically, being copied is a salute to your originality and your ability to be ahead of the pack.

For those who have been following Alicia Keys lately you’ll see her commitment to being real and authentic by choosing to no longer wear make-up.

In true Alicia Keys style, this wasn’t a once off event. She has gone without make up in all her performances and even rocked the VMA’s red carpet 100% el natural.

This is a sign of authenticity. Doing what you feel is right for you and sticking with it.

As a result of her adjustment to brand “Alicia Keys”, the media has gone a little crazy.

They can’t quite understand what’s happening. Constant articles and questions floating around including a massive momentum starting to form

by women across the globe applauding such a powerful statement.

As a result, another celebrity has tried to ride the wave of Alicia Keys’ no make-up movement by posting a no make-up selfie recently for her birthday.

Gwyneth Patrow.

gwynethBeing a celebrity and having millions of followers doesn’t make you immune to being copied. In fact, you’re more likely to have people wanting a piece of your success.

Let’s see if Gwyneth continues to go make up free 24/7 or whether it was just a classic copycat situation in an attempt to gain some media attention.

So ladies you’re not alone. It’s a reality when you’re a passionate and authentic business woman that you’ll be copied.

But hey, which one would you rather be?

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