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Amanda Rose takes her health very seriously, believing ‘healthy body, healthy business’. She is a Cross Fit Addict, Paleo convert and has quit alcohol – all in the name of productivity. Here Amanda shares the fitness mantras that pull her through every gruelling workout and on to the next task!

The majority of diets and exercise regimes promote the aesthetic benefits of good health — from fat loss to glowing skin. But the impact of health on your professional life is rarely discussed.

Exercise is so integral to our mental performance that pregnant women and the elderly are urged to take part, even if they can’t undertake a tough full physical workout.

Having a healthy body is not about beauty, but the ability to perform at your peak. It ensures you get the most out of every day — good health equals productivity”.

A self-confessed ‘energy junkie’, Rose credits her healthy body as being a key to making the best possible decisions in her business. Here are a few of her favourite fitness mantras.

“Everything you do is something done”

Every decision we make around our health needs to be the best one, however big or small. For example: cutting out alcohol. I believe every standard alcoholic drink consumed equals four hours of lost productivity. It all counts.

“Be active in your own way”

We aren’t all marathon runners, or weightlifters, but we all have the ability to commit to our health and wake up every morning and do something! Figure out a combination of exercises you like and kick-start your day; because as soon as your body is going, so is your mind.

“Competing with yourself is the only way you’ll continue to improve”

I believe in talking yourself into doing something, not talking yourself out of something. Approach exercise and this new challenge this way – challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised.

“Your body is your temple”

It’s like being a car that runs on petrol. If you put diesel in that car, the system will be compromised. It’s the same with eating: our bodies weren’t intended to digest processed foods. If you want to run at your premium, fuel it with the best food for all round efficiency.

“How you spend your time will determine your level of success”

We are all time poor, but that’s no excuse for not spending time on health. US First Lady Michelle Obama rises at 5am to do cardio – she makes time. Make healthy living your lifestyle; and although it can sometimes be tough, it is always rewarding.

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Founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Amanda Rose is also the only 'strategic connector', a brand strategist, keynote speaker and host of Amanda Rose TV. Connect with Amanda Rose on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or visit

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